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Letters to the editor: To my patients in western Wisconsin; Loving RF Public Library

To my patients in western Wisconsin


As many of you know, the River Falls Shopko Pharmacy closed its doors on Tuesday, Jan. 29. My team and I are so saddened to leave you all, and I wanted to share my appreciation.

I stepped into the role of pharmacy manager there in the spring of 2017. Many of you were reeling from the departures of a number of well-loved pharmacists who had been there for years. I had some impossibly big shoes to fill, and I was fresh out of pharmacy school. You and my team had every right to be skeptical of what I could offer.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could meet that challenge, and I needed to prove myself to you. We had a few bumps in the beginning, to be sure. As I learned more about you, you all grew a little more accustomed to the loud, frizzy-haired, NebrasKorean (yes, that's how I describe myself) pharmacist behind the counter. It felt like a friendship that would last an entire career.

In my (nearly) two years of being your pharmacist, I hope you felt seen; I hope you felt heard. I hope you know I fought to give you the very best care and service, because you were all worth that and more to me. I'm very grateful for the opportunity I had to be your pharmacist, and I'm very sorry it was cut short so suddenly. Thank you all for making my first job as a pharmacist a truly amazing experience. If you ever have any concerns or questions and you'd like to reach out, you can email me at at any time.

Jade Theisen


Loving RF Public Library


I was delighted by the fact that the editorial (River Falls Journal, Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019) was about libraries. However, I was dismayed that, while mentioning two Wisconsin area libraries and one in Minnesota, the editorial made NO mention of the River Falls Public Library, the shining jewel of our part of Wisconsin.

To quote Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

There are many reasons to love our library:

• The building, built with considerable local vision and finances; contains meeting rooms for community organizations, lower level gallery, computer room for free access to the internet for research and job searching (21,429 users in 2018), and many more amenities.

• The staff: from Library Director Tanya to volunteers they are ready to help patrons with questions, requests and service.

• The programs: adult (Books in a Bar) and high school book clubs, Books Before Kindergarten, Storytime for children, visiting author events (including Michael Perry, William Kent Krueger, Jen Mann and many more), summer reading program for school age children, 500+ programs in all.

• The collections: history, DVDs, fiction, non-fiction, teenage and children's books and materials, magazines and newspapers to name a few.

• The exhibits: The Awkward Family Photos show, quilt shows, are two of the exhibits that 8,852 patrons viewed during 2018, and currently showing is the St. John's Bible exhibit (until Feb. 15).

• The outreach: Comforts of Home and Our House Senior Living programs, books at the public swimming pool, and much more.

So yes, there are many reasons to love (and recommend) the River Falls Public Library.

To quote the last sentence of the Editorial: "In short, don't check out — check in."

Kay Montgomery

President, River Falls Library Foundation