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Letters to the editor: Legion Auxiliary members sought; Please show me your collection

Legion Auxiliary members sought


The River Falls American Legion Auxiliary is actively seeking new and renewal member signups as our annual membership drive gets underway. While less visible than the active duty and military veterans who comprise local Post 121, the companion activities of Auxiliary members provide important support for Legion veteran, youth and community programs. All women related to American Legion members — including mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, grand and even great-granddaughters — are eligible to join the Auxiliary. There are nearly 12,000 units located in every state and some foreign countries.

Some of the activities of our Auxiliary include providing fruit baskets and other items to local homebound veterans and those in nursing homes, Christmas gifts for VA hospital veterans and their families, furnishing and serving baked goods for blood drives and other events including fundraisers, children and youth activities such as second grade poppy pictures and memorabilia during Poppy Week. We also donate to the RFHS senior class party.

We currently have 137 Auxiliary members, but by growing our membership we can do so much more to support our youth and veterans. Those seeking more information can contact our membership chair, Jeanne Williams, at 612-532-7248.

Margaret Larson

President, Unit 121

American Legion Auxiliary

River Falls

Please show me your collection


I was in the River Falls Public Library today and noticed a display case that is used to display collections from the River Falls populace. It has been in the library for a couple of years but this is the first time I noticed a note in the case that said the case can be used to display all sorts of collections.

Do you have a passion for your collection that you could share with the rest of us? I would like to see it! I am sure that others would also like to see your collection.

Please contact Cole Zrostlik at the public library - direct number 715-426-3496 or and she can arrange to display your collection.

Cheryl Maplethorpe

Town of Clifton

Lay in the bed you made


Beginning in 2016, NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem. Others on the San Francisco team would later join him.

If we were to collect the half-dozen players we saw taking a knee during the anthem, and if we were then to add up their IQ's, the sum would still be a two-digit number.

These players do not have a Constitutional right to protest on the field during a game.

These players are in employee uniforms and on the job at their place of employment. It does not matter if they are protesting racial inequality or the smell of sardines.

Try this type of crap at your job as a Target cashier or as a US Bank loan officer.

Your pink slip would arrive at the speed of light.

No one has the Constitutional right to engage in any type of political protest while on the job.

For those of you hobbled by a public education, the First Amendment begins with the words, " Congress shall make no law... "

The purpose of the amendment is to protect your political speech in the public square, not in the workplace.

Currently, this half-wit is suing the NFL because no team is willing to hire him.

NFL teams have the right to not hire Colin Kaepernick. They would be stupid to do so.

Hey Colin! You do not have the right to a NFL job.

Hey Colin! Hiring you would be what is termed a "bad business decision." Every NFL team owner realizes that hiring you would result in lost revenue: A loss in ticket sales, loss of sponsors and a loss of television viewers.

Hey Colin! Stop blaming all of us. Purchase a bottle of Windex at Target and clean off the mirror in your bathroom.

James Anderson

River Falls

The Senate-Congressional elections—not just midterms


When I hear the word "midterm," I have a tendency to think of a big test I should have studied for in school, but didn't. I never worried, because I still had half of the semester to get serious about bringing up my grade.

Voters don't have that luxury. Stop calling these very important elections "midterms." Sure, they do not coincide with a presidential election year, but occur two years into the term of a president i.e. in the middle of a president's term in office, hence the name "mid-term." But these very important "General Elections" are held for some members of the US Senate, all members of the House of Representatives, and many state and local positions.

Since U.S. senators serve six-year terms, their re-election campaigns are usually held at this time. This is a VITAL opportunity for U.S. voters to be out exercising their due diligence in electing the legislative arm of the government that directly represents U.S., the people. It may even be MORE important than the presidential election because these elected officials are

OUR direct representatives who can work on OUR behalf and must answer to us, not as a puppet of big business, a questionable president or a tilted Supreme Court. They are the part of government that is OF, FOR and BY the PEOPLE, BUT ONLY IF YOU VOTE! YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Study up and vote! If you flunk the most important test of all—CITIZENSHIP—we all suffer!

Linda M. Alvarez

River Falls