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Letter to the editor: Mainstream media is out of control


April 6, catch and release was ended by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Catch and release was a practice of releasing them to the community, while he or she awaited a hearing in immigration court. This was in lieu of holding them in immigration detention. Once the immigrant was released into the community, they very seldom showed up for their later court date.

Violating immigration is against the law. Under the no tolerance policy, minor children are being separated because a parent violated a law. The residential centers that the minors are sent to, go to school, get haircuts, get fed, go on field trips, play video games, sleep in safety and get medical care.

As Secretary Nielsen stated in an April 25, 2018, statement: "The smugglers, traffickers, and criminals understand our legal loopholes better than Congress and are effectively exploiting them to their advantage."

Henry Cuellar, Democratic Texas Rep. was interviewed by CNN. He claims, Obama caught 50 percent and let 50 percent go. He also put them in the cages. Go to: and listen to Rep. Cuellar on THE CHILD MIGRANT CRISIS WAS KEPT VERY QUIET UNDER THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION

This immigration crisis did not start with President Trump; but it is being exploited, by the mainstream media because they do not like President Trump.

The mainstream media is out of control! They are for open borders, no sovereignty, and no assimilation into our society. Using examples as Hitler, Auschwitz, and Japanese internment camps is simply deplorable. Report real news, not fake and or pseudo. Report the news, not make up the news.

I have as much emotion, love and caring as anyone in this world. But, I also have logic and my logic allows me to see the immigration crisis with more than just blind emotion President Trump is married to an immigrant; a legal one.

David Fehringer

River Falls