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Letters to the editor: Stop the hatred; Please skip the circus!

Stop the hatred


It is truly amazing the absolute hatred of many people for our President Donald Trump. If you listen to MSNBC, CNN and the other mainstream media, you constantly hear the same mantra from all of them; their hatred for our president. One opinion writer must be auditioning for a spot on one of these newscasts or these are the only places he gets his fake news from.

Three hostages were released by North Korea with President Trump giving nothing in return.

President Obama gave Iran 400 million to release our Iranian hostages. The hatred of many liberals for this president is stronger than the love of our country.

Presently, the United States has the lowest unemployment rates in years. This includes the unemployment rate of African Americans. Maybe Mr. Trump isn't the racist so many liberals say he is.

Russia was meddling in our politics long before Mr. Trump became President. The DNC was hacked by the Russians but the DNC would not let the FBI investigate the drives. Hillary Clinton gave Russia most of our uranium supply while her husband, Bill, made millions giving speeches in Russia.

President Trump plans on meeting with Kim Jong-un this week. I applaud President Trump for attempting to negotiate a deal with North Korea. No other president has attempted to negotiate, other than appease North Korea.

The top officials of the FBI and CIA did do wrong when they allowed Hillary Clinton to go free when she violated the espionage act. The Russian collusion investigation by Mr. Mueller should be after Hillary Clinton and the DNC, not President Trump.

President Trump is the most transparent president we've had in a number of years. Remember Obama said he was going to the transparent. He was opaque.

I wish the hatred would stop!

David Fehringer

River Falls

A dementia-friendly community


One of the gifts we are offered as we journey through life is the opportunity for life-long learning. I am humbled and (usually) grateful when such an opportunity reveals itself. I have been a nurse working in various health care settings for more than 40 years and have only recently learned about the concept of a dementia-friendly community.

Huh? What's that?

Not long ago there was a local news article about a Hudson church making simple changes to make its services more dementia friendly. Wow! Very cool.

I have learned that the state of Wisconsin is working together with local public health agencies to address dementia within communities and has a wealth of resources to support and educate the public, businesses and local government about how to work toward and implement specific strategies that support dementia friendly practices.

On the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website there is an entire section dedicated to this topic.

The website provides strategies for businesses, civic and sports organizations, health care providers and public services and also contains dementia friendly guidelines for dentists, faith communities, grocery stores, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, pharmacies and restaurants.

In the near future there will be an opportunity for interested community members to participate in a conversation about the process of becoming a Dementia Friendly Community. This event will be held on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 6:30-8 p.m. at the River Falls Public Library.

I would challenge and invite local businesses, civic organizations, government officials, public servants and community members to participate in this important conversation.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ruth A. McNamara, RN

River Falls

If we do not speak out, we are complicit


I opened a Minneapolis newspaper this morning to read a story that brought tears to my eyes. I hope it will do the same to your readers and will encourage them to take action by writing to their representatives in the government or marching in protest. (You can contact legislators through and

The article is titled: Traumatic Ordeal for Families (Miriam Jordan, NY Times). It is about a little 5-year old boy who was forcedly separated from his father as they crossed the border fleeing from gang violence in Honduras, one of the most dangerous countries in Central America.

The little boy arrived at a foster home in Michigan in late May with only his dirty clothes and two small pieces of paper with sketches of his father in a baseball hat and a bowed and sad head, and stick figures of his family: mother, father and three siblings (all smiling). While he sobs himself to sleep with the pictures under his pillow, his saddened foster mother wonders whether he had been thinking of happier times or perhaps dreaming. The boy does not know where his father is, nor can he understand what is happening as he traveled all through Mexico to find safety. Imagine this frightened child! He had been handed over to a to a sponsor by a U.S. government escort and off he went with his only possessions in his shabby bag. He did not cry but did not take her hand, only silently followed to what would now be his "home." A day has not passed when he has not asked in Spanish about when he would see his father again.

The article says his father is in detention during his asylum application, and until recently the little boy hasn't been able to speak with him on the phone. The foster mother says this is "horrendous." After finally being able to talk to his father, the boy wept, had a tantrum, misbehaved, and then fell to his bed while sobbing uncontrollably (with his sketches of his family under his pillow). This all brought tears to the woman.

Actually, this 5-year old is luckier than some. Thousands of children are being separated from parents and being sent hundreds of miles away, with some being placed in military bases until foster homes become available. This is not how we treat children. We must act against it! This is inhumane treatment, psychological torture to innocents, and certainly not American! If we don't speak out, then I believe we are complicit.

Once again, I ask that you read the words written below the Statue of Liberty! Children are the heritage of all families, the way we maintain society and progress. They are not only the treasures of the families, but the future of our world! We should treat them accordingly.

For those of you who are not in favor of the entrance into this country of families fleeing extreme violence and believe in closing our borders, there is an Native American saying I believe appropriate: "Never judge a man (or woman) until you have walked a mile in his (or her) shoes."

Rev. Barbara de Souza

River Falls

Please skip the circus!


The Carden International Circus is coming to River Falls. And of course we want kids of all ages to have a fun day of entertainment. However, none of this should come at the expense of suffering of animals in the circus.

Harsh training methods such as gouging elephants with bullhooks and whipping tigers are used to instill fear in exotic animals that have no natural desire to perform for humans. It's also impossible to provide quality of life for these animals in a traveling circus. Tigers can't be allowed to relax and roam an outdoor area on days when they aren't performing, no fence is high enough to contain them. Elephants must live in cramped conditions that are nothing like their natural habitat. Please skip the circus this year and ask Carden International to come back without animals so that we can all support cruelty-free entertainment in the future.

Tom Lyon

New Era, Michigan