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Letters to the editor: Doesn't like the River Falls of now; Need more right-leaning viewpoints

Doesn't like the River Falls of now


It is so sad to see what has happened to the River Falls area. My husband (Allen) and I lived here from 1959 to 1987. Raised our family and had his auto shop here.

I was on River Falls Town Board for several years as the treasurer. We left here in 1987, moving back to Ladysmith, our home town.

We are now back in River Falls, due to health issues and to be by family.

Looking at what was beautiful farmland is now buildings. Oh yes, a field of solar panels, that's something to look at. Property values fell.

River Falls is now a bedroom community, the EXODUS, every day to the Cities to work. This is now why the liberal socialism abounds here. Plus the media from the Cities.

Years ago at a meeting I said River Falls needs industry. I was told "don't need industry, we have the 'U.'" So how's that going? Always asking for more money. I haven't seen that growing on trees.

Speaking of trees, you people living on the corner need to trim your trees and bushes. My highway safety showing. Also that nightmare on Cascade Avenue needs to cut the tall grass which should not have been planted in the first place; where was highway safety on this project?

The area now has a growing drug problem. Having to put children in foster care. So more money needed to be found (taxpayers). Feeling sorry for the children.

Ending on a high note, having met some very caring people from Interim healthcare hospice of Hudson, also the staff at Our House senior living here in River Falls.

Mary Moon

River Falls

Need more right-leaning viewpoints


I wonder if those who lean politically left realize that there's no universal agreement on their self-proclaimed kindness, generosity, tolerance, compassion, and knowledge of what is best for America. Or that they don't have inarguable definitions of Christian virtue and the "common good."

Do they recognize that hypocrisy lurks in swearing love for living strangers but approving death for unborn children? Or in demonizing alternative political positions while professing to be non-judgmental? Intellectual dishonesty renames opposition to illegal immigration "anti-immigrant" and support for affordable capitalistic health care "anti-women and children."

Lucky are they who open their hometown newspaper and find editorial agreement with their opinions. Liberal policy failures and lying Democrat politicians are ignored because of good intentions. Wealth redistribution by government is favored. Fairness is assumed to be a reachable goal rather than an arbitrary concept.

Left leaning letter writers seem to relish calling Republicans small-minded, bigoted, heartless, stingy, uneducated, uncharitable, un-American, and un-Christian. "Right wingers" are flat earthers, white supremacists, evangelical Bible-thumpers, gun nuts, science deniers, and ignorant rednecks, never caretakers of public schools, teachers, the environment, or the poor. No doubt more Republicans than Democrats cheat, steal, drink too much, beat their spouses, and rely on greedy corporations to support their families.

The Journal's Jan. 18 cartoon illustrates this bias, implying that those on the political right are Ku Klux Klan sympathizers and xenophobes, deplorable for not welcoming all the world's needy. Supporting limited immigration and deportation of those here illegally is undeniably a sin against humanity. Public safety and economic growth to sustain U. S. citizens are invalid concerns. The billions of dollars spent on non-citizens for social programs, education, health care, and criminal incarcerations—money that could support hungry and homeless citizens—are immaterial.

What a pleasant surprise it would be to find a conservative intellectual's views on the Journal's community columnist pages. It might encourage right-leaning residents to come out of the shadows.

Donna O'Keefe

Town of River Falls

Yes, think before you write


When I send a Letter to the Editor I am always curious about responses.

My recent letter described my disquiet resulting from liberal claims that Jesus was an immigrant refugee.

A reader responded with a fatherly scolding entitled "Think Before You Write." He stated that I had "...done an excellent job of countering an argument that no one is making!"

He correctly pointed out that in the Gospel of Matthew, Joseph was warned in a dream of King Herod's intent to kill his son. Joseph fled with his family to Egypt, thus becoming immigrant refugees. A meaningless designation in First Century Egypt.

The recent event which motivated me to write my original letter occurred in December on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. A liberal pundit was being interviewed regarding illegal aliens in our country.

Being pressed and saddled with weak talking points, the pundit reverted to the "argument that no one is making," beginning with the insipid liberal introduction: "As you know..."

The liberal pundit made no reference to the family's escape to Egypt, but simply made a blanket statement that Jesus was an immigrant refugee.

Using the "argument that no one is making," the liberal pundit was attempting to draw similarities between Jesus and illegal aliens in our country.

First, Joseph and his family broke no Egyptian laws.

Illegal aliens in the United States have broken the law. That is why we call them "illegal."

Second, the liberal pundit was arguing in favor of simply allowing these illegal aliens to remain in our country permanently. That is an illegal resolution to an illegal act.

When King Herod died, Joseph and his family returned home. Their immigrant refugee status in Egypt had only been temporary.

To that reader: "...think more deeply before writing..."

James Anderson

River Falls