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Letters to the editor: Give the tax bill time; Hope to victims

Give the tax bill time


This morning I read the paper and came across a letter to the editor titled "A massive give-away to the rich." The tax bill was passed by Congress this week and many on the left are screaming. Let's look at what has already happened in response to the passage of the bill. Many companies immediately came out announcing bonuses and minimum wage increases. I'm sure some on the left will figure a way to twist this into a bad thing but I'm a believer that more money in our pockets is a good thing. I also believe each of your readers can figure out how to spend their money and do not need government taking it away and spending it for them.

"Give away" writer wanted to know when it was OK to have one party go after another party. Maybe this writer has selective amnesia and forgot when the government under a different administration used the IRS to target the Tea Party. I believe the majority of your readers are intelligent and can see through smoke screens and twists on truths like that. So please stop trying to lead good people down a false narrative.

Give the tax bill time. If we all get larger paychecks then there will be greater spending. Greater spending will be the kindling to help ignite a strong and robust economy. A strong economy is good for everyone left and right. Jobs open, more investments, stock market booms and when that happens anyone reading this that has a 401K gains wealth in their retirement account — that's good not bad. So before we bash the bill I would say give it time and let our paychecks and 401K accounts be the judge if this was good or not.

Christopher C. Karpovich

River Falls

Sphincter of the Middle East


Recently, the United Nations General Assembly voted that the United States government's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital to be "null and void."

Since its inception, the United Nations, as a legitimate world government body has been null and void.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt conceived the United Nations, the United States military had already begun restricting intelligence information to the Hyde Park native because a member of his administration was a Soviet spy.

Israel's government has been located in Jerusalem since the Knesset decided to move their capital from Tel Aviv on July 30, 1980.

Precedent? Pick up your Bible and your history book. The Hebrews claim to the Levant goes back thousands of years.

Islam as an offshoot of the Judeo-Christian tradition is only 1,600 years old.

Read the Quran or Hadith and then try and tell me that Muhammad does not deserve his own chapter in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Today, the Palestinians are the sphincter of the Arab world. Countries like Iran are more than willing to pour money and hardware into Hezbollah, but would not offer an ounce of Iranian blood for the Palestinian cause.

In keeping with UN Ambassador Nicky Haley's comments, any country that voted in the General Assembly against the United States' decision to move our Embassy to Jerusalem should not receive a single penny of aid from my country.

The United States is the largest provider to the United Nations, providing 22 percent of the UN budget in 2015, and 28 percent of the peacekeeping budget.

I want the United States government to suspend all payments to this mediocre organization and to place a "For Sale" sign in front of 760 United Nations Plaza.

Jim Anderson

River Falls

Hope to victims


St. Croix County is very fortunate to have Judge R. Michael Waterman in their courtroom. This week Judge Waterman very accurately recognized a domestic abuse case for what it was — domestic abuse and sexual assault. He clearly observed the victim truthfully answering intimate and very personal questions in detail and the abuser blatantly lying.

There is hope when judges recognize domestic abuse and are willing to call it what it is. This should be encouraging to any domestic abuse victim to know that there is a judge out there that will believe them — even when their story seems too bizarre to have even happened. Thank you Judge Waterman! You are a breath of fresh air and bring hope to victims!!

Thank you!

Darlene Bochman


Political indignation?


You were our chosen leaders, governors, legislators, and president. You were called to direct our states and our nation and to be our moral compass and balanced voice. In times of disarray and frustration, you donned the mantles of moral fervor and robes of justice. I watched as you named the demons among us who were the downfall of our nation.

They were the immigrants, the gays, the blacks, the Muslim, or the poor. We were to trust your word, honor of your efforts, and follow your lead. You have taken to the national stage dressed to play the role of a leader but you have no character.

Most recently, I have watched as you legitimized a sexual predator and condoned name-calling, lies, threats, and bullying in order to protect your own personal or political goals. You have dramatically changed your opinions from one day to the next. No sullied behavior has been beyond your support or legitimization if it furthered your objectives or protected your own past.

And now I hear you blaming a new demon for our national issues. It is now that fault of the press, the FBI, or an intrusive investigator. You demonstrate annoyance rather than understanding for our sick, disabled, and elderly. The most vulnerable no longer are your concern. You pursue legal grounds to justify your actions while having no moral grounding.

You were our leaders but that can no longer continue. Now when you point to a culprit and call for our indignation, I can no longer trust your judgment or believe in your accusations. I can no longer call you my leaders.

Deborah Monicken

North Hudson