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Letters: A heart as big as hers; Free the Kinni or not?

A heart as big as hers


My friend Mark died recently. He was a kind and gentle guy with a warm smile and an amazing personality when in season. He often spoke of how trusting his clients found him when he sold insurance.

Mark had a friend, Mary Jo, who helped care and advocate for him for many years. She lives by example of giving her time and love, selflessly. I understand she has a background of charitable work in River Falls.

I hope someday to love with a heart as big as hers. It has touched me in profound ways, and I just wanted to say thank you.

Robert Burke


Healthcare in the Gulag


The United States of America is home to the finest healthcare in the world. Period.

So, what is the problem?

The answer: GOVERNMENT!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's legacy not only left behind flakes of fool's gold, but also nuggets of excrement. These smelly bits are not courtesy of Fella.

During the Second World War, qualified workers were hard to come by.

Among his lengthy list of stupid decisions, Roosevelt imposed a wage freeze. Since employers were forbidden from competing with payroll, they began offering "Employer Paid Health Insurance."

Enter Barack Hussein Obama and the Affordable Care Act.

The ACA is a disaster, but that is by design. Contrary to the lies that poured from Obama's lips, Obamacare was not instituted to save American families money or provide medical care to the uninsured.

The Affordable Care Act was crafted to destroy private healthcare.

Barack's goal all along was GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE. Why?

For the same reason "Barry" and other Leftist Democrats want to disarm law-abiding Americans.

Liberal Democrats do not see themselves as the "peoples' representatives," but as their benevolent rulers, with the powers of Midas. King Midas is a myth. So is the Liberal's image of themselves.

Left-Wing Democrats intend to purge the Constitution of the very Amendment whose stated purpose is the "preservation of a free state".

This is what a Liberal means by a "living Constitution".

The Democrat voter can always be counted on to drive themselves to the gallows.

James Anderson

River Falls

Free the Kinni or not?


I attended two public sessions of the Charrette at the public library concerning the future of our Kinni Corridor.

I was hoping to have shared the costs of relicensing and/or surrendering license of the two dams, the availability of grants to have dams removed and the costs of sediment removal from both Lake George and Lake Louise. It is my understanding that the sediment will need to be removed from both lakes whether the dams stay in place or are removed. I am concerned that we are getting the cart before the horse and kicking the can down the road.

The two dams produce anywhere from 1 to 2 percent of our total electrical supply. What are the costs associated with keeping the dams including upkeep in the years to come?

On Feb. 27, 2018, the city council will decide to either relicense or surrender the license of one or both dams. If the council decides to relicense, the new license will be for 40 years.

Realistically, if the council adopts the relicensure, it will be another 40 years until we look at restoration of the Kinni through dam removal.

There are basically three scenarios for which a cost analysis needs to be provided. 1) Remove neither of the dams, 2) remove one of the dams, 3) remove both dams. Kevin Westhuis, Utility Director, stated at one of the tech talks that our electric bill would be negligible if the hydro dams were removed.

I am not trying to be negative about the Charrette because I know there were many people that did a lot of hard work putting on the Charrette. But, I am disappointed, that a cost analysis was not shown.

There are two websites with pertinent information on both of them: and

Please look at these websites.

This major decision is not going to be determined by the majority of the River Falls community but by the seven city Council members. Will they vote on their ideology or on the wish of their constituents? I would hope they vote on the wish of their constituents! Please contact them and share your wish.

David Fehringer

River Falls

Comparing apples to oranges


the breach of the "Little Falls" Dam at Willow River State Park was just that, an emergency breach of an unsafe dam.

Unlike the two previous successful dam removals on the Willow River, this breach was not a planned dam removal, nor was it intended to be a dam removal. Sediment was not managed, the river channel was not reconstructed, and the exposed landscape was not restored or improved.

You can go look for yourself, the dam is still there and the debris from the notch cut out of the dam is also still there covered with sand.

You can't compare this breach, done on an emergency basis to prevent catastrophic failure, to our opportunity to restore the Kinnickinnic River through dam removal.

It's like comparing apples to oranges.

The state is planning on rebuilding the dam at Willow River State Park at a $19 million taxpayer expense because that dam provides positive recreational utility to the park, it creates a 170-acre warm-water fishery with fishing piers and a swimming beach, and also has a state park campground on its shores.

Our two dams do not create bodies of water that are of significant utility or value. This has been said time and time again, over more than the past 40 years, by officials studying our "lakes" and recommending action to improve or remove these bodies of water.

The City has said as much themselves.

In an official letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the City stated that "there is no existing or potential recreational use of these facilities because the ponds are too small and the water is too shallow to support any meaningful recreational activity."

We all know the value of the free-flowing Kinnickinnic River as a natural, recreational, aesthetic, and cultural amenity for our community. We can no longer allow the Kinni's continued destruction in the heart of our community in exchange for a meager amount of electricity.

There is much greater utility of the Kinni that our community will harness with the complete restoration of the Kinnickinnic River through dam removal.

Michael Page

River Falls

Don't be mislead by Options for Women


Imagine — your 18-year old niece comes to you in tears thinking that she might be pregnant and too scared to talk to her parents. She explains she wants complete and unbiased information but does not know where to turn. As a new mother you are not sure what services there are in River Falls and so you Google "pregnancy counseling - River Falls."

Up on your screen pops two choices: "Options for Women" and "Pierce County Pregnancy and

Reproductive Health." Their services sound similar and so you encourage your niece to call them both.

While she calls, you do some online research. "Options for Women's" name and their website use of "non-judgmental .... environment" imply they will be offering unbiased information about all options. However, you read "Options" has a "ministry" with "prayer warriors" and they "pray with a mother struggling to choose life!"

More online research reveals that "Options" tagline "A TLC Pregnancy Resource Clinic," is now an affiliate of "Elevate Life" which "From the beginning Elevate Life and its Affiliates have warned not only of the horror of abortion but also the dangers of contraception and promiscuity." To you "Options for Women" is now sounding potentially very judgmental.

A thorough review of "Pierce County Pregnancy and Reproductive Health" online listings and website reveals no such bias.

You promptly share all of this information with your niece who opts for going to "Pierce County

Pregnancy and Reproductive Health" as she wants complete and unbiased information.

I write this vignette to show how misleading "Options for Women" is being. If "Options for Women" is a pro-life facility, why do they not advertise it as such? If they are proud of what they are doing, then they should be transparent and let the truth convince someone to come to their facility.

I live by the principle to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I write this letter in the interest of transparency and I ask "Options for Women" to be transparent and stop misleading our community.

Juliet Tomkins

River Falls