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Wellhaven column: Sharing our tenants' stories

Old and young holding hands symbolizes the relationship between generations. Look in upcoming issues of the Journal for Wellhaven tenant biographies, written by St. Bridget Parish School students. Submitted photo

Wellhaven tenants were recently in the spotlight as students from St. Bridget Parish School interviewed some of them for a biography project.

Sixth and seventh grades students from Mrs. O'Connor's class had prepared a variety of questions about the lives of Wellhaven tenants. While asking questions, students were taking notes. To be sure not to miss anything, they also recorded the interviews using their computers.

"This was a wonderful experience for our tenants. They always enjoy sharing stories of their lives. It was a great opportunity to bridge the gap between young and old," said Wellhaven Manager Beth Ann Schultz.

Once the students have completed the biographies, they will be featured in upcoming publications of the River Fall Journal for everyone to read.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview our neighbors at Wellhaven for our biography project," said middle school language arts and reading teacher Mrs. O'Connor.

Wellhaven tenants always enjoy the opportunity to interact with the students from the River Falls

community. If you are interested in working on a project or activity with Wellhaven tenants, contact Laura Swanson at or 715-426-4633.