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Views from the Right column: The road to utopia

Far left political action committees continue to use scare tactics to increase membership. Before the 2008 national elections, MoveOn's advice to members was to not focus on candidates because no one man or woman would advance the progressive cause. The focus is now on destroying Donald Trump, with the 2018 mission "to tear down the rigged system that produced Trump" and "create the post-Trump America" with a "fierce, determined Resistance movement." Its tactics are to demonize the man as unfit for office, an imminent danger to the country, unwell, narcissistic, and sociopathic.

Yet, since his inauguration, the president has not destroyed the world or the country, only terrorists and a few federal agency administrations. Most Americans are enjoying a growing prosperity due to tax and regulatory relief. The president has the ability to make changes that previous presidents couldn't or wouldn't attempt. Trump is filling long empty judicial seats. He's removed ineffective and corrupt agency heads and instructed new agency heads to eliminate waste and duplication. Six months after threatening to bomb America, North Korea's Kim Jong Un has agreed to negotiate with apparently modified intentions. Quite a feat of non-diplomacy for Trump, a crazy old man with funny hair and small hands.

And who is unhappy about business growth and lower unemployment rates, particularly for black and Hispanic citizens? Is rescinding the Obamacare mandates that penalized middle class Americans with extraordinarily high medical insurance premiums and copays, and then creating better options, bad? Has lowering the corporate tax rate stagnated job creation, or stifled the transfer of offshore funds back to the country? Ask Apple's CEO Tim Cook of Apple what he thinks.

I contend that most Americans don't want to "disrupt and fundamentally alter the course of our democracy" for a loosely defined progressive America. Voters in 2016 rejected the Obama model of transformation. So the Left is now nudging them back toward it with fear of some unknown future under Trump and conservatism.

The only future to fear is a very real one of overwhelming debt and hyperinflation. Democrats and Republicans have ignored this growing menace for two decades, choosing instead to pander to individual and corporate greed by spending even more on government giveaways.

So, what exactly is the American utopia that progressives dream of? All I hear from the Left is praise for socialist big government control so that health care, college, childcare, housing, and food are free for everyone, including illegal immigrants who cross open borders and demand their rights to stay here and get their pieces of the big Democrat pie. And now, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 46 percent of likely voters think the government should provide everyone with jobs and benefits.

How will this largesse be financed? Maybe the most utopian life of all is a free living wage for no work! A 90 percent tax rate might be enough. But before selling that giveaway, Democrats had better check with Finland. The program didn't last long there. And if the majority of voters fall for this future vision of America, I hope they're prepared to open their wallets wide and endure a lifetime of disappointment.