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Wellhaven column: Silver Alert

One of Wellhaven Senior Living's goals is to keep everyone in our building safe. There are rules and regulations our community must abide by to ensure the safety of the people within our grounds and buildings. Our community is equipped with an alarm system and personal pendants that inform team members if a tenant needs assistance. Team members also check daily on each tenant. What happens if a tenant leaves our building and cannot be located by a family member or team member?

There is a program in Wisconsin called Silver Alert. Silver Alert is activated after local law enforcement has been notified and the criteria for Silver Alert is met. This process is similar to the Amber Alert program used to find missing children. It is important for Silver Alert to work with families and state to ensure the safety of vulnerable adults.

Silver Alert's brochure shares, "We hope that no family is ever in the situation to need our help. Unfortunately, we know many will be. If your family member is at risk of becoming lost, the best thing to do is be prepared."

Wellhaven is hosting a lunch and learn about the Silver Alert program at 3 p.m. Thursday, April 19. This is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend. We hope to educate the community to be prepared and take responsibility for seniors in our community.

For more information or to register for the lunch and learn contact Laura Swanson at 715-531-5567 or