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Arts Minded column: Looking for budding artists

By Sue Bridwell Beckham

Art's House Gallery has space for budding artists to exhibit their work. Right now, the gallery has a fine "Valentine" exhibit — some of those artists, as good as they are, are no better known than YOU. If you are not an artist, you need to see this exhibit.

It includes three winning artists from Art on the Kinni 2017—Could you tell which ones? The others are artists like you may be; they are:

Cindy King creates charming, affordable jewelry that you might wear or make a gift for someone you know.

Mat Jorgensen's spray paints abstractions that can warm your walls as well as your aesthetics.

Susan Fries' photos are well worth seeing AND they may inspire the decorator in you as well as the art lover.

Mayan Briggs knits works of art that one can wear—especially in River Falls winters — the stylish hats, gloves and scarves warm your heart as well as your body.

Reyene Branchaud-Linsk: I saved the best for last; her rolled paper creations range from aesthetically inspiring to whimsical to both. Colorful, thematic, decorative — and priced to please!

To find out which of the artists actually won prizes at Art on the Kinni, you can browse at Art's House, Thursday 1-5 p.m., Friday 1—7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. While you are there, should you care to know something about the art, the friendly CAB volunteer will be glad to answer your questions or handle your purchase.

How many of those reading are artists, but have never had quite the chance to exhibit their art? You've done art for years — maybe started as a toddler. You've been told you that you do a pretty good job? Maybe your high school art teacher was smitten by your work. Maybe your family found your "stuff" better than anything they had seen among their relatives before. Maybe you've been hiding in a back room at home with a brush and easel. Maybe, you took a couple of classes on Main Street at Kinnickinnic Clayworks and had some success. Or maybe you just know you are pretty darn good and know equally well that your work should be shown.

Even those who have never shown their work have chance to be an "exhibitor." On the second Tuesday of each month, a new show is "hung" (That's "art-ese" for creating an exhibit). Each show features an opening on the second Friday. Each show features a variety of media: paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, you name it. Art's House loves for artists to be at their openings, but schedules vary. Even if an artist cannot make her/his opening, s/he is required to be at the gallery only to set up and take down his/her work. We appreciate any time an exhibiting artist is able to sit at the shop to help us keep it open—But we have a board who will take all the hours necessary. Art's House Gallery collects the tax and keeps 30 percent of the price set for anything that is sold. With questions, email Kay Fritz at

If you're not yet an artist, you could begin with a class at Art's House. Don't forget to watch future arts columns and your messages from CAB for classes and upcoming events at ART's House.

Meanwhile, if you have not made your aesthetic peace with our winter, you should live across from one of the local primary schools as I do. Or take a walk past them during the day. Children are out playing before school, after school, and at several recesses throughout the day—if you hunger for color this time of year, you just need to see them flitting and flying in their brightly colored winter garb. They romp, they sail, they tumble; even standing in line to re-enter the classroom, they spice up the winter with color (Kids are still not still when they stand in line).

Another way for art thirsty web-minded individuals to spice up winter is to check out the "Google Doodles" on your laptop, your phone screen, whatever. Did you know that if you just hit a return when you see a Google Doodle (BEFORE you look for your site), you get an explanation and about half the time the doodle is somehow related to art — if not, history. It's charming, it's informative AND you learn something. For example, Feb. 8 was Paula Moderson's 142nd birthday. A richly colorful FEMALE artist from way-y-y in the past.