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Wellhaven column: Let me call you sweetheart

On Valentine's Day, Wellhaven Senior Living puts up a Valentine table where staff and tenants place pictures of their sweethearts. Photo courtesy of Wellhaven Senior Living

For most cultures that celebrate Feb. 14, it is a day of love and romance, a day to celebrate sweethearts. Traditionally, cards, candy and flowers are given as gifts. At school, children make heart decorated boxes or bags and they exchange small valentines. There are other fun traditions too.

Friends and sweethearts of Denmark typically exchange snowdrops, which are pressed white flowers, instead of roses. In South Korea they celebrate Valentine's Day for two months with three specifics dates set as holidays. The first is Feb. 14, and on this day until the next holiday, women dote on their men and shower them with gifts. Then on White Day, March 14, it is the men's turn to treat the women. This continues until Black Day, April 14, when the single people of South Korea mourn their status. However, some traditions are no longer in practice. For example, on the night prior to Valentine's Day, English women used to put rose water on bay leaves and put them on their pillows. The leaves were supposed to entice the women to dream of her future husband. William, M. (2016, Feb. 11) "10 Valentine's Day Traditions All Around the World."

Every Valentine's Day at Wellhaven Senior Living we put up a Valentine table. On this table tenants and staff put pictures of their sweethearts. Most of the seniors come down with old black-and-white photographs from their wedding. These are the favorites. People scrutinize the image to see if they can tell who it is. This is a fun Valentine's Day tradition for our Wellhaven family.

It was also a tradition for our facility to host a Valentine's Day fundraiser. We skipped it last year due to all the changes going on, but this year we have brought it back in a new way. This time we are hosting a Wine and Chocolate Fundraiser with the Cocoa Exchange company 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 13. Twenty percent of the proceeds go to Wellhaven and to help improve the lives of many of the seniors in our community.

For more information, call 715-426-4646.