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Viewpoint: Working together to grow our family farms

Farmers and their families have helped create and grow Wisconsin's economy since 1848, but recently their hard work and sacrifice has come under attack by bad policies and unfair tax burdens.

Like many farmers, I am concerned about failing infrastructure, low commodity prices, labor shortages, and the uncertain future of our trade agreements. Our farmers have also been hit by the negative effects of an unfair tax bill. Clearly, we need a set of new policies that are focused on supporting Wisconsin farmers.

Those of us in rural Wisconsin know that one of the most important bills for growing our local economy and creating jobs is the Farm Bill. As discussions begin about renewing the Farm Bill, I have been traveling around western and central Wisconsin to meet with our farmers and hear more about how we can work together to level the playing field and set small and family farms up for success.

I have long believed that the best ideas come from Wisconsinites. If you have thoughts about how we can support and ensure the success of Wisconsin farmers in the next Farm Bill, please reach out to my office.

Rep. Ron Kind's office is open and available to hear your thoughts and concerns about issues that matter most to you. Call 1-888-442-8040 or visit