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River Falls Police: Disorderly man puts holes in the walls

Operating while revoked

At 1:03 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 6, police on patrol on East Cascade saw a vehicle driving north on South Wasson Lane. The vehicle allegedly did not make a full stop at the stop sign, instead treating it as a yield sign, before turning onto East Cascade.

Police pulled the vehicle over. The driver was identified as Christian Timothy Orosz, 40, Roberts. When told why police had pulled him over, Orosz allegedly said "sorry about that."

When asked for license and registration, Orosz allegedly said he was driving a rental vehicle provided by an auto repair center, where his personal vehicle is in for repairs. He allegedly said his vehicle had been involved in a collision in Minnesota. He told police that another vehicle had crossed the center line and hit his vehicle head-on. He went on to tell police he doesn't normally drive this late, but had just dropped his girlfriend off and was heading home after a tattoo convention that had gone late. He asked police if they could help him out as he was "in a difficult situation" and it had been a bad month for him.

Orosz was required to have an ignition-interlock device installed on any vehicle he drove. The vehicle he was driving Saturday did not have one installed. He was also driving outside of his operating time, which ended at 8 p.m. He is required to maintain absolute sobriety.

He was arrested and taken to the River Falls Police Department. Where he was booked, and submitted to a preliminary breath test, which registered a 0 reading.

He was given a $250 citation for operating while revoked and released to his girlfriend.

Holes in the wall

At 2:13 a.m. Jan 10, River Falls police were sent to a residence in the 200 block of East Broadway Street for a fight in progress. When police arrived, they could hear a male, later identified as Elliot Cameron Jones, 38, River Falls, shouting profanity. When police neared the door of the residence, Jones exited, shirtless, slamming the door behind him. Jones was "visibly upset" and when he saw officers, held his arms out as if wanting to be handcuffed.

His right wrist was cut in several places. The cuts were superficial. However, an officer reported being concerned for the other occupants of the apartment. Jones reportedly asked to be arrested. He was asked to speak with an officer, while another officer went inside the apartment to make sure anyone inside was okay. Jones did not respond to the officer at first. He then began to talk about "working hard and not getting respect."

Inside the apartment, the officer saw the walls near the doorway had holes in them, with chunks of drywall on the ground. The two women inside the residence said they were fine, and Jones had not harmed them. They told police that Jones had pushed the walls and was intoxicated. They did not know why Jones was so upset. Jones allegedly admitted to damaging the residence. He was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and damage to property and taken to Pierce County Jail.

At the jail a preliminary breath test put his alcohol level at .254.


At 1:14 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 7, an officer on patrol observed a vehicle speeding on Main Street near Church Street. The vehicle also crossed the center line.

Police pulled the vehicle over; the driver was identified as Crystal Lynn Fedderly, 26, Hastings, Minnesota. Fedderly allegedly told the officer she was unaware of the speed limit. The officer could smell the scent of alcohol coming from the vehicle, and reported that Fedderly seemed "out of it." She was slow to react to questions and had slurred speech.

Fedderly said she was going home to Hastings from a party at a friend's home. Though at first she denied drinking alcohol, she later admitted to having one drink, about two hours ago.

After completing standard field sobriety tests, Fedderly took a preliminary breath test, and received a .155 reading. She was arrested for operating while intoxicated. She refused an evidentiary chemical breath test, which she later told another person on the phone, while she was in police custody, "saved" her.

Because she refused the test, police started paperwork to revoke her license. She was cited $861 and released to the custody of a sober person.

Disorderly conduct

At 11:12 a.m. Jan. 7, police were called to a residence in the 400 block of Griffey Street for a report of a teenage juvenile threatening someone with scissors. When police arrived, the juvenile was reportedly "hysterical," crying and curled up in a ball on the floor with blood smeared over her face, legs and hands.

The juvenile had allegedly threatened another juvenile with scissors, threw a vacuum and scissors at an adult, and threatened an adult with a Swiffer mop.

The juvenile was arrested for disorderly conduct.