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Schmitt brings health and wellness to community

Tonya Schmitt in her space for her new business, Mindful SOULutions, located at In Balance Yoga and Fitness studio in River Falls. With the business, Schmitt is looking to help clients feel healthier and happier. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia

Tonya Schmitt of River Falls is looking to make her neighbors healthier and happier with her new business Mindful SOULutions, located inside In Balance Yoga and Fitness Studio at 216 N. Main St.

"We can't be happy if we don't have some level of health," Schmitt said.

A lifelong learner, Schmitt has a bachelor's in biology and master's in life science and has now gone on to get certifications in Reiki, therapeutic yoga and health coaching.

"The more I learn the more I realize there's a lot more to learn," she said.

She's combining her knowledge to help clients live better lives with her new business.

"I look at life as both a toolbox and toy box," Schmitt said.

She said it's important to have tools to better life, but it's also important to have toys that are both enjoyable and healthy.

Mindful SOULutions works to provide both. The business offers therapeutic yoga, Reiki and overall health coaching services.

Therapeutic yoga can help treat addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma and more. Though all yoga is therapeutic on some level, Schmitt said one-on-one sessions allows the participant to get more from it.

"When you get to the point of having a one-on-one with someone who is highly trained to be responsive to what is going on in your body and your mind and your spirit, and work together then you get a program that is catered to you," Schmitt said.

As a Reiki master, Schmitt offers the service as well. Reiki is a process where energy goes through the master and into the client, sometimes using other tools like essential oils.

Schmitt's approach to health coaching goes beyond the goal-orientated approach that many take. She instead wants to focus on all aspects of a client's life.

"It's more likely to be more whole for the person and what they need," Schmitt said.

The approach focuses on physical activity level, types of food as well as other activities.

"Whatever make you feel good and happy, being healthy along the way," Schmitt said.

The coaching is not shame-based, and puts the client in charge.

"An invitation to start your journey, that's what I'm about," Schmitt said.

All of Mindful SOULutions services are designed to go beyond just the physical activity to the mind.

"What I offer can help you reprogram your mind to 'I am beautiful, I am healthy, I am a good person,'" she said.

Schmitt's goals go beyond the physical as well.

"I don't care how much you weigh, I care how you feel and you think," she said.

It's all about making sure people feel their best. This company is that healthy and happy path for Schmitt.

"I feel my best when I'm helping others feel their best," she said.

Starting this service in River Falls, where she can benefit her neighbors, was an easy decision for Schmitt.

"I love this community," Schmitt said. "Why would I want to drive somewhere else?"

Already an instructor at In Balance studio, Schmitt said it was easy for her to expand into her own program there as well. She hopes the two will have a mutual relationship, providing more attention and clients to the other.

"It was just a natural extension," she said.

For more information on Mindful SOULutions, visit

Rebecca Mariscal

Rebecca Mariscal joined the Hudson Star Observer as a reporter in 2016. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in communication and journalism. 

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