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MMS honors January Students of the Month

The January Meyer Middle School Students of the Month are (front, from left): Daniel Carns, Dylan Paulson, Isabelle Davenport, Quentin Anderson; (second row) Keyah Strop, Ben Johnson, Nolan Tody, Lilly Jensen; (third row) Cade Myszewski, Victor Facio Jr., Grace Vivoda-Sadee and Paige O'Hara. Photo courtesy of Meyer Middle School.

Meyer Middle School has announced its January Students of the Month. They are as follows:

Sixth grade Blue House

Isabelle Davenport is the daughter of Jason and Paula Davenport. Isabelle is very high achieving in the classroom and cares about turning in her very best work. She is extremely kind to others and volunteers her time outside of school to give back to her community. Lastly, she is positive and upbeat, and gets along with just about everyone. Isabelle loves all of her friends and animals; she has 20 pets and lives in the country. Isabelle enjoys French class and her teacher Mrs. Luedtke. She would love to be a marine biologist. Her hobby is taking care of her pets. Isabelle would like to have her own farm.

Daniel Carns is the son of Ryan and Jody Carns. Daniel is extremely responsible and takes pride in his academics. He is motivated and not easily swayed by peer pressure. He is a confident young man who sets high goals for himself in life. In general, Daniel is kind, good-natured and respectful. Daniel is a swimmer and just moved from Alexandria, Minn. He likes math and science. He would like to be a pediatric heart surgeon after attending the University of Minnesota. He would like to go to the summer Olympics, attend the University of Minnesota and visit Europe.

Sixth grade Gold House

Dylan Paulson is the daughter of Mark and Carey Paulson. Dylan leads by example in all of her classes. She is responsible and puts her best effort into everything she does. Dylan has a little brother, chickens, a cat and a dog. In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing board games, doing crafts and playing soccer. Her favorite thing to do with her family is camping. She would like to become a veterinarian. The top of her bucket list would be to reach her goal of playing on a national USA soccer team.

Quentin Anderson is the son of Denton and Muffi Anderson. Quentin has a positive attitude. He can work well with all of his peers, and he is kind hearted. Quentin enjoys hunting and fishing with his grandfather and dad. He likes to hang out with his pets; he enjoys science because he enjoys experiencing new things. On his bucket list he would like to become a police officer like his father and like officer G because he likes helping others.

Seventh grade Blue House

Keyah Strop is the daughter of Chris Strop and Todd Strop. Keyah is a positive leader who has an excellent work ethic and demonstrates great character and maturity. She is unparalleled in her enthusiasm and her high expectations for herself and others. Keyah's favorite sports are basketball, volleyball and track. She dreams of one day playing college basketball. She would like to thank all of her family and friends for always pushing her towards that goal. She would like to achieve playing Division I college basketball, travel the world and become an inspiration to others.

Nolan Tody is the son of Kyle and Val Tody. Nolan leads by example. He consistently goes out of his way to help his teachers and his classmates. Nolan is always respectful and hardworking. Nolan enjoys math, basketball, baseball and snowboarding. He also enjoys Boy Scouts and being outside at National Parks with his three brothers. He would like to visit every single National Park, learn Spanish and go to a country out of the USA.

Seventh grade Gold House

Benjamin Johnson is the son of Rod and Megan Johnson. Ben has an infectious personality. He knows when to have fun, but also when to buckle down to get work done. He is always willing to help out his peers and staff members. Ben has developed a keen sense of what it means to be responsible and respectful. Ben has a sister; his favorite sports are baseball, hockey and golf. His favorite subjects in school are math and phy ed. His favorite color is pink. In his future he would like to zip line, go skydiving, go to Sonoma and travel to a different country.

Lilly Jensen is the daughter of Scott and Lauren Jensen. Lilly is a model student of character. Hard working, compassionate and enthusiastic are words that describe Lilly. She is full of vivacity, which spreads throughout the class. Lilly likes to run, play sports, hang out with friends and family, read, snowboard and act. She is in the musical Mary Poppins Jr. as the part of Jane. Lilly is also in forensics. She has a great family that supports her, two little sisters, one younger brother and two amazing parents. In her future she would like to become a meteorologist, go storm chasing, go to Lithuania and Denmark, see the World Cup and also go watch the Olympics.

Eighth grade Blue House

Paige O'Hara is the daughter of Brent and Nora O'Hara. Paige displays a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. She brings a positive energy to everything she does. She is courteous and shows good manners with her classmates and teachers. Paige is willing to take on leadership roles in small groups and in the larger classrooms. Paige enjoys hanging out with her friends and playing basketball and volleyball. Her favorite class is language arts. She has an older brother named Blake. She would like to go to Paris, become a professional soccer player, meet a famous singer, own a dog and travel more often.

Victor Facio Jr. is the son of Victor and Maribel Facio. Victor has done a great job fitting in here at MMS. From the beginning of the year, he has worked hard in his classes and has been open to making friends and working with other kids. He is positive and respectful and a pleasure to have in class. Victor recently moved to River Falls from New Mexico; he thinks this has been a really cool journey. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games. On his bucket list he would like to fly an airplane, meet someone famous, go skydiving and go zip lining.

Eighth grade Gold House

Grace Vivoda-Sadee is the daughter of Michael and Linda Sadee. Grace is a hard worker with a great attitude. She is a responsible student and also a member of Teens as Teachers. She contributes well to whatever group she is a part of. Grace is in band and choir; she plays the clarinet. She also plays softball. She enjoys school and all of her classes. Some of her hobbies include reading and dancing. She would like to go to college and travel around the world.

Cade Myszewski is the son of Adam and Shelby Myszewski. Cade is a hard worker with a great attitude. Teachers appreciate his willingness to help others. His classmates actively seek him for group projects because they recognize that he is a good team member. Cade loves to play football and is on the powerlifting team. His favorite class is social studies. Cade enjoys hanging out with his friends. He would like to play in the NFL, go skydiving, meet someone famous he admires and attend a D1 college for football.

Gretta Stark

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