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December MMS students of the month

The Meyer Middle School December students of the month are (front row, from left) Reeve Niemann, Cianna Butterfass, Alexis Schultz, Lars Briese; (second row) Collin Jalowitz, Kennedy Wright, Campbell Skow, Ian Magnuson; (third row) Jacob Gonsior, Dorothy Wiatr, Rosa Porcello and Jacob Godden. Photo courtesy of Meyer Middle School.

Sixth grade Blue House

Alexis Schultz is the daughter of Tim and Kimberly Schultz. Lexi is a leader in the classroom and consistently does what she is supposed to be doing. She shows good character in every situation she is faced with. She always turns in her absolute best work, is kind to everyone and is always in a good mood. Alexis enjoys reading and riding her horses. She enjoys hanging out with friends, playing softball and being with her family. Her favorite subject is literature. Alexis would like to visit Hawaii, go zip lining and learn how to snowboard.

Lars Briese is the son of Dan and Becky Briese. Lars takes his academics very seriously and cares about turning in quality work. He asks questions when he needs clarification and participates in class often. Lars has a great sense of humor and is always happy to be in class. Lars likes math and science; his favorite sport is hockey. When he grows up he would like to become an engineer. In his future, he would like to go skydiving.

Sixth grade Gold House

Cianna Butterfass is the daughter of Keith and Alesha Butterfass. Cianna has been a rock star since the beginning of the school year. She consistently gives her best effort and is conscientious of others. Cianna is a role model for other students at Meyer Middle School.  She enjoys soccer, gymnastics, baking and crafts. She has three siblings and a dog. Cianna's favorite subject is science. She would like to thank her parents and grandparents for being such awesome people in her life. Cianna would like to become an interior designer; she would also like to go to another country, travel to all 50 states, see the ocean and go to the Ellen show.

Reeve Niemann is the son of Sara Taylor-Niemann. Reeve is a pleasure to have in class. Reeve has a positive outlook and an excitement for learning. He is kind to others, respectful and participates often. Reeve would like to become a trillionaire and visit Austria.

Seventh grade Blue House

Collin Jalowitz is the son of Chris and Amanda Jalowitz. Collin leads by example by being a very focused and attentive student who always strives for excellence. He is also a voracious reader. Collin has a brother and a dog. Collin enjoys playing baseball; his favorite class is science. He was born in North Carolina. He participates in jazz band, cross country, harmony bridge and the crew for the play. Collin would like to go to Washington DC, Hawaii and every state. He would like to have a career in mechanical engineering.

Campbell Skow is the daughter of Eric and Candice Skow. Campbell consistently participates in class and asks really good questions. Bell is always involved, engaged and polite. She maintains standards of excellence in academics and in character. Campbell enjoys traveling, her family and her dog. She also likes playing soccer and baking. Her favorite subject is math. In her future she would like to travel to Europe and explore Italy, Greece and France. Campbell would also like to become a photographer or a journalist. She would like to attend NYU; she loves NYC.

Seventh grade Gold House

Kennedy Wright is the daughter of Reagon and Amy Wright. Kennedy has demonstrated courage and strength by presenting her story in front of her peers. She seeks to find the best in others, perseveres when faced with challenges and shares and displays her creativity with others. Kennedy likes to try new things and try her hardest to do well at all things. She would like to become a veterinarian, visit Hawaii, the Dominican Republic and go skydiving.

Ian Magnuson is the son of Stephen and Sheri Magnuson. Ian has a positive attitude, willingness to lend a hand and a sense of integrity. He shows a passion for learning, he sets and achieves high expectations for himself. Ian has a maturity to distinguish appropriate times to socialize and focus on academics. Ian likes to be outside and hang with his friends. His favorite sport is hockey. Ian has one sister and one brother; he enjoys spending time with his family. In his future he would like to go to college and play hockey, go skydiving and on another cruise.

Eighth grade Blue House

Dorothy Wiatr is the daughter of Charles and Damaris Wiatr. Dorothy has really great energy. She is really fun to have in class. She works well with a lot of different groups of kids and always completes her work on time. She works well independently also, and takes responsibility for her learning. She sets a good example for her classmates. Dorothy enjoys playing basketball and the school musical. Her favorite subject is math. She looks up to her grandparents because they are always there for her. Dorothy's all-time favorite coach is Bart Matcek; he helped start her interest in the sport. She would like to make it to a Division 1 college for academics, go skydiving, play basketball in college, be in a Broadway production, scuba dive and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Jacob Godden is the son of Greg and Melissa Godden. Jacob does a great job asking for help when he needs it. He has a drive for learning. He works well in groups and is sensitive to the thoughts and ideas of others. Jacob takes an active role in discussions in class also. Jacob likes to play basketball, hang out with friends and family. His favorite teacher is Mr. Pape. Jacob would like to go to an All Star game for the NBA, go to a college Final Four game and meet all the Bucks players.

Eighth grade Gold House

Rosa Porcello is the daughter of Michael and Susan Porcello. Rosa is a dedicated student and band member. She is a quiet student who always shares her smile and happiness. Rosa's teachers and classmates appreciate her ability to work with everyone. Rosa loves the outdoors, hiking and biking. She also likes playing music with her clarinet and ukulele. She looks up to her parents and older sister; they are always there for her. Rosa would like to travel to Italy, attempt to snowboard and ski. She would also like to do an ollie on her skateboard, make a cake roll and eggs benedict and learn to play the guitar.

Jacob Gonsior is the son of Ryan and Teena Gonsior. Jacob has a great attitude about school. He always has a kind word for everyone he sees. Jacob's cheerful attitude and thoughtfulness make our classrooms and hallways a better place to be. Jacob enjoys reading, basketball and space. His favorite classes are history, math and science. Jacob would like a career in astronomy. He would like a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. He would like to become a better basketball player and learn to speak Spanish.