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MMS recognizes December students of the month

December students of the month in the front row (from left to right): Mahlia McCane, Keagan Carlson, Star Deiss and Collin Jalowitz. Second row: Kaitlyn Dicus, Matham Johnson, Makenzie Lundeen, Angeline Domeyer and Grace Fitzsimmons. Back row: Sam Rixmann, Miles Longsdorf and Arlo L'Allier. Photo courtesy of Meyer Middle School

6 Gold

Grace Fitzsimons is the daughter of Rita and Jason Fitzsimons. Grace has been a pleasure to have in class the entire school year. She is a very organized student who cares deeply about doing well in school. Her teachers love the fact that she always brings everything she needs to class and turns in all her assignments on time. Grace likes to play volleyball, she loves animals, drawing and art. Mrs. Velure and Mr. Sticht are her favorite teachers. Grace enjoys swimming with her friends and spending time with her family. Grace would like to go to Paris and climb the Eiffel Tower and go to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Collin Jalowitz is the son of Chris and Amanda Jalowitz. Collin is a quiet leader in the classroom and puts forth his best effort in everything he does. He is very respectful in the classroom and works well with other students. His teachers love that Collin is always prepared for class and turns his assignments in on time. Collin has a brother and enjoys playing baseball.

Chris would like to go to Mount Rushmore, Washington D.C., and Honolulu, Hawaii. If baseball does not work out he would like to become a mechanical engineer.

6 Blue

Mahlia McCane is the daughter of John and Rae Schwartz. Mahlia is a very responsible student, and the most polite kid you will ever meet. Mahlia always takes the opportunity to say "thank you" as much as possible. She is a hard worker, and perseveres through any situation.

Mahlia is a military child. She plays goalie in soccer; she would like to become a pro goalie. In her future she would like to play soccer with a pro women's team. She would also like to visit all 50 states as well as meet Carli Lloyd.

Keagan Carlson is the son of Melissa Timm. Keagan is always involved in class, and is a very responsible individual. He has a great sense of humor, and always keeps the mood light and fun with his positive attitude. He is very friendly and easygoing, and includes everyone. Keagan enjoys playing baseball and football. His favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings. He is the only boy with four sisters. His favorite teacher is Senor White, he also likes Mr. Cleary. On Keagan's bucket list would be to meet Stefon Diggs.

7 Gold

Star Deiss is the daughter of Shelly Deiss. Star encompasses many qualities of a person of character. She is kind, compassionate and quick-witted. Being conscientious, demonstrating respect and having a contagious personality are things we in 7 Gold love about Star. Star has two younger sisters. She loves to play outside with her friends and hang out with her family. Her favorite subjects are choir and gym. In her future she would like to become a singer or actress.

Mathom Johnson is the son of Ramona Gunther and Eric Johnson. Courteous, inquisitive and genuine are words to describe Mathom. He finds passion in all subjects, asking quality, relevant questions. Have a great sense of humor, being accepting of others and producing high quality work are aspects that represent this young man. We are proud to have him in 7 Gold. Mathom enjoys playing soccer, and learning math as well as learning about ancient cultures and cities in social studies. Mathom would like to become a mathematician or play in the MLS.

7 Blue

Kaitlyn Dicus is the daughter of Julie and Wade Dicus. Kaitlyn continuously does excellent work. She sets the standard high for herself and other students. Kaitlyn excels at getting work done promptly and independently. Kaitlyn has been figure skating for five years. Kaitlyn has two younger siblings. Her favorite subject is literature. In her future she would like to go skydiving and visit Paris.

Arlo L'allier is the son of Sara L'allier and Andrew L'allier. Arlo strives to go above and beyond. He has a positive attitude and takes pride in his work. Arlo is very kind to others. Arlo has two siblings. He really enjoys school and likes all of his teachers. In his future, he would like to go to France, Canada and continue to learn.

8 Blue

Makenzie Lundeen is the daughter of Amy Weber and Chris Lundeen. Kenzie is kind, caring, and friendly, which makes her a role model for her classmates. She has a cheery demeanor that has made her a pleasure to have in class. She uses common sense to problem solve independently and in a positive manner. She is respectful of her classmates and teachers.

Mackenzie dances competitively with Delmonico Dance Studio. She loves her family and loves to travel to Chicago where her cousins live. In Makenzie's future she would like to become a neurosurgeon, travel to Australia and Africa to help children. She would also like to skydive.

Samuel Rixmann is the son of Jeff and April Rixmann. Sam always gets his homework done. He is easygoing and pleasant. He is an enthusiastic learner who tackles new challenges eagerly with a positive attitude. He sets a great example for his peers. Sam enjoys playing football and basketball. His favorite subjects are math and social studies. Sam would like to dunk a basketball on a 10-foot hoop as well as go skydiving in his future.

8 Gold

Angeline Domeyer is the daughter of Neal and Tina Domeyer. Angeline sets a great example for other students to follow in the classroom. She is a fantastic writer. She works very hard, and always does her best on everything she does. Angelina likes to play oboe and volleyball. She has three brothers and one sister. In her future she would like to help with the music production of movies. At the top of her bucket list would be to travel to at least five of the continents. She has always wanted to go to Iceland. Angeline's goal would be to never live a lifestyle she is bored with.

Miles Longsdorf is the son of Jon and Tami Longsdorf. Miles is an awesome student. He is always engaged in lessons and discussions and makes valuable contributions. Miles is a natural leader and always goes out of his way to help other students out. Miles enjoys soccer, wrestling, running and snowboarding. His favorite subjects are math and social studies. He would like to live in Spain for a while as well as watch a Barcelona versus Real Madrid soccer game.