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MMS salutes May Students of the Month

May Students of the Month pictured in the front row, from left to right: Taylor Peterson, Donovan, Smith, Samantha Thurston and Jada Trautmiller. Second row: Katelynn Farner, Tessa Davis, Madisyn Tape, Jacob Otte and Bobby Cunningham. Third row: Harm Bents, Ryan Briggs, Amelia Armstrong, Sam Cleveland and Blake Westbrook. Photo submitted by Amy Edelman

6 Gold

Taylor Peterson is the daughter of Mike and Kim Peterson. Taylor is a very organized student who is very responsible. Taylor loves to participate in class. She really has a thirst for knowledge. Taylor really puts her best effort into everything she does. She enjoys playing basketball and volleyball and hanging out with her friends and family. Taylor has two older siblings and one younger sibling. In her future she would like to sail through the B.U.I.

Samantha Thurston is the daughter of Matthew and Michelle Thurston. Samantha is a model student. She models responsibility and organization every day. She really loves to learn and puts the best effort into everything she does. She has been a pleasure to have in class. Samantha loves animals and being outside. She rides horseback and would like to join cross-country next year. In her future she would like to publish a book.

Donovan Smith is the son of Robert and Michelle Smith. Donovan has a really positive attitude and is a pleasure to have in class. He is very creative and is always writing stories or drawing new creatures. Donovan has a very kind heart and is willing to help others with anything. He is an artist; he enjoys drawing and doodling. He also loves to read and write stories. He would like to become a New York Times bestselling author. He would like a house in the wilderness to explore. Donovan would like to make a difference in this world.

6 Blue

Jada Trautmiller is the daughter of Freddy and Callie Trautmiller. Jada is a very welcoming, inclusive and kind-hearted individual. She always turns in quality work and cares about doing well in class. Jada enjoys playing volleyball; she has been playing since she was 8. She plans on playing Rage and school volleyball. She would like to make overhand serves.

Harm Bents is the son of Fafani Weinzierl and Gerd Bents. Harm is very spirited and is great at lightening the mood in any situation. He is very mature and fun loving, and includes everyone. Harm enjoys singing and biking; he also enjoys spending time with his family. In his future he would like to visit New York City.

7 Gold

Tessa Davis is the daughter of Craig and Jane Davis. Tessa is full of sweetness, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. She works hard, cares about others, and is a genuine young lady. We appreciate Tessa's motivation, empathy and integrity as a student, and as a person of character. Tessa enjoys reading and writing. She also likes to hang out with friends and family and play softball. Tessa has always wanted to travel the world; she would like to see new things and help as many people as possible.

Jacob Otte is the son of John and Joyce Otte. Jacob is full of insight and thoughtfulness. He has consistently worked hard in all of his subjects, and is a person of character. We appreciate Jacob's willingness to help peers, try something new, and practice kindness on a daily basis. Jacob loves sports, cats, and hanging out with his friends. He would like to work at Google, and visit Florida and California.

7 Blue

Katelynn Farner is the daughter of Justin and Michelle Farner. Katelynn is a very respectful, responsible student who leads quietly by example. She always gives her best effort to her work and is conscientious in her interactions with others. Katelynn loves animals, dance, spending time with her family, playing guitar and sailing. She also enjoys traveling to new places, and spends time with friends. She would like to become a vterinarian.

Ryan Briggs is the son of Brenda Hartmon and Matt Briggs. Ryan consistently shows perseverance in both academics and athletics. He is respected by his peers and teachers because of his work ethic and kindness. Ryann likes to play sports and spend time with his family and friends. A goal of his is to beat the powerlifting total in high school in his own weight class.

Robert Cunningham is the son of Rebecca and Joe Cunningham. Bobby is a hardworking, compassionate student who is admired by his peers. He is an excellent student and leads by example in the classroom. Bobby loves to play hockey, baseball and football. He enjoys fishing and hunting too. His favorite thing to do is hang out with friends. He would like to be able to attend Naval College.

8 Blue

Madisyn Tape is the daughter of Lindsay Oldenburg and Brendan Tape. Madisyn is such a positive person. Her smile lights up a room. She is always willing to help out classmates and teachers. She pays great attention to detail, so we can always count on her to do her best. Madisyn loves gymnastics and swimming. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Madisyn has four younger siblings. She would like to travel to Germany. Madisyn would like to become a doctor.

Sam Cleveland is the son of Joshua and Gina Cleveland. Sam is such a pleasure to have in class. He's bright, fun and motivated. He really cares about doing his best work. He continually produces quality writing in all of his classes. Sam really enjoys sports. He plays football and baseball. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and being social. He would like to be able to go back to Crater Lake in California. Sam would like to become a professional football player.

8 Gold

Amelia Armstrong is the daughter of Andrew and Heather Armstrong. Amelia is a kind, sincere, and mature student who is more than ready to take on high school next fall. Amelia is diligent in her studies and her teachers can always count on her to have a positive and warm attitude. Amelia's thoughtfulness, perseverance, and her genuine personality will take her far in life. Amelia likes to play volleyball and bike around town with friends. She is excited to start high school. Amelia would like to travel and see new things.

Blake Westbrook adds too much to every class he is in with his outgoing, friendly, and positive attitude. It is rare to see Blake without a smile on his face or making others laugh. His teachers have been impressed with his work ethic this quarter and his willingness to go the extra mile. With his sense of humor and creativity, he is also a wonderful speaker. He will do great things next year at RFHS. Blake enjoys running, hanging out with friends, and being social. He would like to visit Devil's Falls in Africa.