River Falls police: Inattentive driving; Sticky fingers



• At 1:13 a.m. Friday, Jan. 26 police were called by UW-River Falls police to the 200 block of Broadway Street for an accident and a report of a possibly intoxicated driver. The driver, Alexander James Kusilek, 28, River Falls, allegedly said he had stopped at a stop sign, proceeded forward and gotten stuck in a snowbank. He said he was coming from a friend's house and had earlier been at some downtown bars. According to the police report, Kusilek smelled of alcohol and slurred his words heavily, while denying he had consumed alcohol. Kusilek blew a .172 on a preliminary breath test. He then told officers he had had "a couple mix drinks" downtown. He was arrested for OWI and his vehicle towed to the impound lot. He received an $861 citation for operating with a prohibited alcohol content and another $861 citation for OWI, first offense. He was released to the custody of a sober friend.

• At 9:14 p.m. Monday, Jan. 22, police were sent to a driving complaint on Highway 35, heading south from Chapman Drive, entering the city. A witness reported a car going in and out of the ditch. Police found the vehicle in a ditch; the driver, identified as Lana Eden Rubinstein, 21, River Falls, was reportedly out of the vehicle. Rubinstein appeared to be trying to push her vehicle when police arrived. She fell twice when trying to get back into her vehicle. Police also said her eyes were bloodshot, her speech slurred and slow; she was speaking in incomplete sentences and she smelled of alcohol. She allegedly told police she had just returned from Israel and was not used to driving in the snow.

She was taken to the police department to perform standardized field sobriety tests, as it was not safe to complete them on scene with 25-30 mile per hour winds and the large snowfall. She blew a .21 on a preliminary breath test. She was cited $861 for OWI and another $861 for operating with PAC. Police took her to the sober care of her mother, as her mother could not make it to the department due to road conditions. Rubinstein's vehicle was towed and impounded.

Inattentive driving

At 3:44 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 24, police were sent to the intersection of South Main and East Locust streets for a two-vehicle accident. No injuries were reported. One of the drivers involved, Jessica Tavy Schultz, 23, River Falls, allegedly told police she had been driving north on South Main Street behind another vehicle. Schultz said she was "just driving" and daydreaming or "lost in thought" and rear-ended the vehicle in front of her when it stopped for a pedestrian crossing in a marked crosswalk. Schultz allegedly apologized and said she knew she was at fault. She was cited $111.40 for inattentive driving.

Damage to property/disorderly conduct

At 6:41 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 23 police were sent to the 900 block of Howard Street for a domestic disturbance that was no longer in process. Sorina Alexandra Langer (Hicks), 28, had reportedly fought with another individual. A witness said she had tried to provoke him, knowing he was on probation.

Another woman who lives in the home told Langer (Hicks) she was no longer welcome. Langer (Hicks) allegedly kicked a dehumidifier across the floor, spilled water, and broke it; threw a picture frame and shattered glass all over the floor and tore up a photo. She also allegedly shouted and used profanity.

Langer (Hicks) was found later at a motel and allegedly admitted to having verbal arguments and kicking the dehumidifier.She was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and damage to property and taken to St. Croix County Jail.

Sticky fingers

• At 1:24 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 23 police were sent to ShopKo, 1777 Paulson Road where staff had a woman in custody for shoplifting. The woman, Tiffany A. Bader, 29, River Falls, had allegedly concealed clothing items in a backpack. The estimated cost of the items was $38.50. Bader allegedly told police "I screwed up. I've done this a couple times in the past." Bader was arrested and taken to the River Falls Police Department. Her husband took custody of their son. Bader said she always spends money on her four kids and never has money to spend on herself. She had reportedly stolen underwear for herself. She allegedly said she'd also stolen twice in 2015, taking moisturizer, underwear, and a bar of soap. She was cited $187 for retail theft and released. She said she would never do this again.

• At 5:01 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 20, ShopKo loss prevention staff allegedly saw two men enter the jewelry department, remove items from their packaging, put the empty packaging back on the display, and do the same with a watch. They concealed the items they had taken and staff called the police. When the two men, identified as Trayvon Lewis Riser, 24, River Falls, and Milon Andrew Harris, 33, River Falls, tried to leave without paying for the concealed items, they were stopped. Harris and Riser were arrested and taken to River Falls Police Department, booked, and each cited a $187 for retail theft.

• At 3:04 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 20, police were sent to ShopKo for a shoplifting report. Loss prevention staff had a man in custody, Nathaniel David Fesler Murphy, 21, River Falls. Murphy had allegedly concealed facial cleansing products in his coat pockets. He paid for one hair care product and a bar of soap but made no attempt to pay for the products in his coat pockets and left the store. Loss prevention staff caught up with him and brought him back into the store. Murphy allegedly said he stole the items because he is between jobs and doesn't have money for them. He said it was a "stupid decision" and he understood it was wrong. He was arrested and taken to the police department, cited $187 for retail theft and released.

Entry into locked vehicle

At 2 p.m. Jan. 21, police were sent to Family Fresh Market, 303 S. Main St., for a vehicle break-in. The front driver's side window had been damaged and the vehicle unlocked. The center console was left open and the turn signal device/plastic housing was broken off and missing. Wires were seen sticking out of the steering column where the turn signal device was located.

Operating while revoked

At 7:49 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 18, police observed a vehicle driving east on East Division Street. On checking license plate records, police learned the owner's license was revoked. The owner, Derek Lee Wilson, 26, River Falls, had an occupational license allowing him to drive between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Police pulled the vehicle over and spoke to Wilson, who knew he was outside of his hours but said he was going to Black River Falls to see his grandparents. He was arrested and taken to St. Croix County Jail and cited $250 for operating while revoked.

Disorderly conduct

On Friday, Jan. 18, a Hammond Juvenile allegedly swore at another student and made a rude hand gesture at the student. The juvenile also allegedly swore at and made rude hand gestures at middle school staff and purposely poured the contents of his mug on the floor of the school hallway. On another day, he allegedly refused to put his phone in his locker or turn it over it the office. He was referred to juvenile intake for disorderly conduct.