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Truck backs into salon, driver arrested for DWI

A 43-year-old rural River Falls man allegedly drinking nearby stopped at Little Caesars for a pizza and claimed his parked Ford pickup truck went backwards on its own into the entry glass door of Tip Top Nails, 707 N. Main St., Wednesday night, Nov. 27.

The man later told police the gears of his pickup don’t always stay locked. He also admitted to drinking “a lot.”

No one was hurt in the collision. The salon building’s foundation was reportedly pushed in.

The man was given field sobriety tests but these were stopped halfway through. He was then arrested, booked at the police station and released to the sober care of his wife.

River Falls police also:

--Arrested a 24-year-old Woodbury, Minn., man for criminal damage to property at an apartment building at 1450 E. Cemetery Road Thursday afternoon, Nov. 28. The man was allegedly throwing rocks at windows. One apartment window broke and the rock sailed inside, nearly hitting two children in a room.

The suspect was later found while talking to a woman in a parked car in the 500 block of Clark Street.

The rock throwing was apparently a retaliation related to a feud between several local people who know each other.

--Investigated two residential burglaries in the 500 block of Devin Lane (off West Cemetery Road) last week around Thanksgiving day.

In both instances intruders got into unlocked garages and swiped stuff left inside of parked vehicles – GPS unit, flip-style video recorder, gift cards, change. No one has been arrested or caught yet.