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Wausau mother testifies today; never thought daughter was near death

The Wausau area woman who's on trial for praying instead of getting help for her dying daughter is expected to testify in her own defense today.

Leilani Neumann's jury heard a videotaped interview Wednesday, in which she told a police detective she thought Kara Neumann, 11, was having a spiritual attack.

And she never considered taking her to a doctor even though she looked pale, tired, and extremely thin.

The jury heard Neumann tell an Everest Metro police detective she thought the Lord would heal Kara, and she never thought the girl was close to death.

The mother called it a test of her faith and she never went through anything like it in her life.

Kara Neumann died last March from complications of diabetes. Both her parents are charged with second-degree reckless homicide for not seeking medical help.

Kara's 16-year-old sister Elizabeth testified the girl was so weak the day before she died, she had to be helped to the bathroom, and her speech was extremely mumbled.