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Stillwater man convicted in Madison murder hangs self in prison

Authorities do not suspect foul play in the weekend hanging death of a Waupun prisoner involved in one of Madison's high-profile murders from last year.

The state corrections' department and Dodge County sheriff's deputies are investigating the apparent suicide of Adam Peterson, 20, a former University of Wisconsin student from Stillwater, Minn.

He was sentenced to life last month for stabbing Joel Marino, 31, to death last January.

But he was still waiting to find out if there was a chance he could be released someday. Peterson apparently hung himself with a bed sheet Saturday night in his cell at the state's Dodge Correctional Institution.

He tried to hang himself last September in the Dane County Jail, and was put on a suicide watch. But the watch ended Dec. 8, the day he pleaded guilty to homicide, and was sentenced to Waupun.

Peterson was assigned to a general cell with a bunk-mate. And John Dipko of the corrections' department says the investigation will help determine if enough was done to prevent Peterson's death.

He was diagnosed with psychosis and schizophrenia after he was arrested in the killing of Marino, which happened in broad daylight last Jan. 28 at Marino's home.