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Testimony begins in trial of father who prayed instead of geting help for dying daughter

Testimony begins today in the Wausau trial of Dale Neumann, who's accused of praying instead of calling a doctor for her dying 11-year-old daughter.

Neumann's wife Leilani will be among the prosecution's first witnesses.

She was convicted two months ago on the same felony charge her 47-year-old husband faces, second-degree reckless homicide.

The jury heard opening arguments in Dale's trial on Saturday.

Defense attorney Jay Kronenwetter said young Kara Neumann would have died even if her parents did get medical help.

He said the girl's symptoms were not typical of others with juvenile diabetes -- and Kara probably would have died after mistakes in her treatment.

He urged jurors to compare this week's testimony on diabetes with the descriptions of Kara's symptoms.

But Marathon County prosecutor Lance Leonhard said Dale Neumann should have gotten help once he noticed that Kara was seriously ill.

The assistant district attorney said relatives as far away as California had urged both parents to get help.