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Wife testifies for 4 hours in husband's Wausau trial

A jury in Wausau will hear a third day of testimony in the trial of Dale Neumann, who's accused of praying instead of getting medical help for his dying daughter.

Dale's wife Leilani spent four hours on the witness stand Tuesday. She was convicted in May of reckless homicide in last year's death of 11-year-old Kara Neumann.

Despite her conviction, Leilani Neumann said she still believes that illnesses are spiritual and prayer can heal them.

She told the jury she's not against modern medicine, but she says it's not biblical in nature, and calling for help as Kara was getting sicker would have been "complete disobedience to what we believe in."

Leilani admitted having fears as she watched Kara feel the effects of her undiagnosed diabetes.

But she still thought the girl would recover, even when she appeared to be lifeless.