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Wife testifies today against her husband at his religious death trial in Wausau

Leilani Neumann is scheduled to testify against her husband today at his trial in Wausau.

She was convicted in late May of reckless homicide for praying instead of getting help, as her daughter Kara, 11, was dying from diabetes that was never diagnosed.

Now, Neumann's husband Dale, 47, is on trial for the same charge. And prosecutors say Leilani will have immunity.

That means her testimony cannot be used against her in the future. She's scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 6, and she did not testify in her own trial.

Monday was the first day of testimony in Dale's trial.

The jury heard 911 calls from Neumann's home and a relative in California after the girl's condition had gotten worse.

Dr. Ivan Zador testified that Kara's last-minute treatment at a Weston hospital was appropriate. But under cross-examination, he said one of the drugs given to Kara is rarely used to treat one of her diabetic complications, out of concern that the illness might get worse.

The defense is trying to show that Kara would have died anyway even if she had received help earlier.