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Rich O'Connor- April 3rd

Rich O'Connor- April 3rd

My involvement with the Hudson Public Water Utility goes back to 1989, retiring as Director in 2015. I took great pride in the fact that as a resident, neighbor and friend, I felt a fiduciary responsibility to the people of Hudson to not increase rates. I was successful in this quest for almost 25 years, and thought it would continue into the distant future. Since my retirement in 2015, spending has gone wild, with no stopping the "wish list" of items requested. Consequently, a rate increase was requested to make up for lost profit. By the 5/15/2017 Council meeting, with John Hoggatt as part of the Utility Board and Council member, he led the Council with a motion to increase rates by 15% or approximately $320,000. This was the first rate increase submitted in 22 years, all because unnecessary expenses were not questioned. Your new Director also made the comment that normally it's a 2-3 year cycle for rate increases to Utilities, all true if there is a real need. This was basically telling you, (laying the groundwork) that they can run the expenses up until they can justify a rate increase as a "Good Steward" every 2-3 years, no matter what the real needs are! I had always thought "Good Stewardship" meant you watched your nickels and dimes--not spent them. How times change.

As past director and current voter, I have seen real "Good Stewardship" at work, which means looking out for your money. I believe Rich O'Connor is doing that, and he is where my vote will go. And with the increases in spending throughout the city and county, I will be voting only for fiscally conservative candidates.

This would be Carla Stream for County Supervisor, and if I could vote for them, Paul Berning and Paul Malecha for City Council.

Tim Caruso