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Mike Thompson for School Board

Mike Thompson for School Board

On April 3rd, we have an opportunity to elect the next round of leadership to the school board. New to the list of candidates this year is Dr. Michael Thompson.

I have known Mike for six years and during this time, I've seen his outstanding moral character guide his decision-making process. He gathers information from a variety of sources to fully understand issues. Mike weighs multiple options and "thinks outside the box" to generate solutions.

Mike brings 21 years of business and leadership experience to the school board. When Mike was leading the agriculture business for Illumina, the global leader in genomics, he started an initiative aimed at long-term solutions to eliminate poverty and hunger. His fiscal management skills allowed the company to turn a sizable profit along with contributing to the greater good.

Mike also brings years of day-to-day living experience to his decision-making process. He has championed through the normal ups and downs that life brings. His attitude is to acknowledge issues and seek solutions.

Mike's decision-making process along with his passion and belief in education for all students will drive his priorities.

I encourage you to vote for Dr. Michael Thompson on April 3rd.

Jeannie Wespetal

River Falls, WI