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Author hopes new book will inspire others to feel like 'standing back up'

Melanie Perrin has weathered many struggles in life. Now she’s hoping to use those obstacles and how she overcame them to guide others.

She’s also managed to fulfill a longtime dream through her efforts.

Perrin, a longtime River Falls resident, has written a book that she hopes will help others find hope and strength when battling addiction.

“Addiction’s just affected a lot of people in my life, so (I’m) just trying to pay it forward,” she said.

Perrin’s book, “Standing Back Up Against Addiction,” contains many things she’d have liked someone to say to her when she waged her own addictive struggles.

Perrin, 57, had her first drink of alcohol at age 14. She’s been totally sober since 1979.

Perrin shares some of her experiences in the book and offers advice to addicts.The biggest message she shares in her book, Perrin said, is for addicts to value themselves.

“I guess the biggest message is value who you are, and not judge yourself,” Perrin said.

“Know that you are of value no matter how badly you feel right now,” Perrin writes in her book. “Do not give up on yourself.”

“Standing Back Up Against Addiction” isn't’ a long book. Perrin said that’s deliberate.

“It was intentionally a short book for the addict to read when they need help, or they feel like they’re struggling.”

Perrin said she’s turned to her own book when she’s struggling.

“I pick it up and read it to get myself back on track,” she said.

Perrin, a first-time author, said she’s always had a passion for writing, but life events have set her back in reaching this goal. She said publishing the book has given her a real sense of achievement.

“I’m ecstatic,” she said. “My biggest thing was to leave behind, when I’m not around anymore, something for my kids.

“And then, I really feel like it was part of what I was supposed to do in my lifetime.”

In the author’s page of her book, Perrin writes, “I will never know why God chose to save me, but I have always felt it had less to do with me, and more to do with my children. It was also his will in writing this book, passing on to others what he has passed on to me.”

Perrin has worked as an addiction counselor for years. She’s now a clinical director for an addiction treatment center.

The best part of what she does, Perrin said, is similar to the message of her book.

“I think making people feel valued, passing on hope to people,” Perrin said. “Letting them know they're not alone. A lot of people come to treatment and they’ve already lost everything.”

Perrin, also a three-time cancer survivor, said she’s already planning another book, to be titled “Standing Back Up Against Cancer.”

“Standing Back Up against Addiction” officially came out Nov. 10. It is available via Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Google Play and Kobo.

Melanie Perrin

Gretta Stark

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