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Got the munchies? You may want to try this place

James “Jimbo” Lane, 2003 River Falls High school graduate, thinks he’s got a unique business idea to lure customers downtown.

He’s opening a snack shop called What’s Poppin.’ It should open later next week, either Thursday or Friday, Dec. 18 or 19.

The menu has varieties of gourmet popcorn, ice cream and candy (including cotton candy), soft pretzels, nachos and more.

“It’s meant to be a family oriented, old timey type of place,” the 29-year-old Lane said. “We’ve got the historic-looking buildings on our Main Street, and this snack shop brings back something from the past to go with it.”

Lane, a tenant with landlord Steve Nelson, is converting office space for his shop.

He’s going to start out working solo and see how it goes before hiring workers. What’s Poppin’ will open seven days a week, from 2:30-9 p.m. Lane expects to open by noon daily for summer.

Varieties of popcorn will include white, caramel, cheddar, kettle and more with seasoning ranging from bacon to jalapeno. These will be sold in different size bags and tins. Candy will range from salt water taffy to chocolate-covered strawberries.

There will be six rotating flavors of ice cream available by the scoop. Beverages will include milk, Kool-Aid and bottled waters. Some healthy snacks will include baby carrots, apples and bananas.

Lane says the nachos, pretzels and deli-meat sandwiches will follow shortly, probably by Jan. 1.

Seating inside will be limited. The shop is designed for takeout.

Those with birthday parties or other big occasions can call ahead for a bulk order to pick up.

For more information on What's Poppin' visit 

For the entire story, check the Dec. 11 print issue of the River Falls Journal.