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Third grade holiday essays: Rocky Branch

Every Christmas season, the Journal poses a few essay questions to third graders in River Falls.

Typically their answers delight with wonderful third grade imaginations. This year, local students were asked to answer one of four questions:

• Aliens have come to planet Earth on spaceships and captured Santa and Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. What would you do to rescue them? Where would you take them so they would be safe?

• On Christmas Eve, Santa and his reindeer somehow take a wrong turn and end up landing on a faraway planet. The little people there ask Santa about all of his presents. Should he give them away to bring Christmas joy to another planet or try to sneak off and find his way back to the children of Earth? Why?

• It's a couple of days before Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer has a cold. What do Santa and Mrs. Claus do to help Rudolph feel better so he can help pull Santa's sleigh for Christmas?

• If you got one wish for the holidays and you had to use it to help someone, what would you wish for and why?

Rocky Branch Elementary

Dawn Follstad's class

If I could have one wish for the holidays that was for someone else, I would wish for the homeless shelter to have homes for everyone to go to. I think everyone should have a home to live in with their family and this wish would give those people a home.

— Joshua Ashbach

If I could have one wish for the holidays that was for someone else, I would wish for food for those people who can't afford to buy any. If I could give these people food, then they would not starve to death and have something to eat.

— Macy Getzie

Lisa Kleinschmidt's class

If I got one wish I would wish for new clothes for people who need clothes because they don't have enough. Other people need clothes to stay warm.

— Jack Barnett

My wish is to give people food. Some people don't have enough food and they might get hungry. I think all people should have food.

— Luna Chue Lee

I wish I could get a large amount of money and use it to buy school supplies for poor kids who live in the mountains (poor areas) in China. They do not have enough money to buy school supplies but they want to study in the school.

— Kory Chen

My wish for the holidays would be to donate some of my toys to kids that don't have toys. That way the kids can have something to do.

— Baylie Dahl

If I had one wish, I would be Cleveland's new quarterback and we would win the Superbowl. I would like the Cleveland Browns to win because they have never won the Superbowl.

— Jaxon Flanagan

If I had one wish it would be for the Packers to win the Superbowl. I would like them to win the Superbowl because they haven't won it in a long time. They are my favorite football team.

— Hank Graetz

If I had one wish for the holidays I would wish for my cousins to be able to get from Madison, Wisconsin to River Falls, Wisconsin more quickly. They drive to visit us for Christmas and it takes too long to get to our house.

— Elise Gulick

I would wish for clothes for people who are homeless and don't have much money if I had one wish for the holidays. This would keep them warm and covered up in the winter time.

— Meredyth Imrie

If I got one wish for the holidays and I had to use it to help someone, I would wish for money so I could help other children in other countries go to school. I want lots of people to learn things and have fun at school, like I do.

— Grady Jensen

If I had one wish, I would wish that my grandpa was still alive. I only got to see him when I was two years old. He died. I am thinking he would have been a helpful and nice guy.

— Alexandria Johnson

If I had one wish to help someone, I would pick food and clothes for poor people. They don't have that stuff and everyone should have clothes and food.

— Eli Klumb

If I had one wish I would like to get an electric guitar for a rock star who had their guitar break right before a concert. He was practicing and the drummer ran into him and his guitar got smashed. I would help him because he is famous and he is a rock star that I like.

— Jack Larsen

I would wish for a laptop for my dad to take to work. He doesn't have a laptop in his office. It could help him to search for things and look up things that he needs for work.

— Rowdy Markey

If I had one wish for the holidays, I would wish for all the homeless people to have food and shelter because you need that to live.

— Chloe Nabb

If I got one wish for the holidays, I would wish for people to have homes so they can be healthy when it is wintertime. If it gets too cold outside, people can die. If they have a home, they won't die.

— Addison Nesbitt

If I got one wish for the holidays, I would wish for helping someone if they didn't have any friends. I would be their friend. I don't want people to be lonely.

— Jayden Osborne

I would wish for health for people so they can live a happy life. Some people would get medicine and healthy food to eat. I would wish for that because some people would live longer.

— Sullivan Reule

I want the Vikings team to win more games and to get to the Superbowl and win it. That is what I would wish for. I would wish for that because the Vikings have never won a Superbowl.

— Reid Roettger

If I had one wish for the holidays, I would wish for my family to have a good Christmas. I would want everyone to be happy so we can have an even better Christmas than usual.

— Nathalie Rotsaert

If I could have one wish, it would be for the Wisconsin Badgers to win the 2016 College Football Championship. I would wish for that because I really would like for them to win!

— Kaleb Stacken

If I had one wish for the holidays, it would be for homeless people. I want homeless people to get presents on Christmas and enough money to buy a house so they don't have to hold up signs that say, "I'm homeless and anything will help." That way they could stay safe and warm.

— Avery Stacy

For the holidays if I got one wish, I would wish for a bike for so strong that I can carry a lot of presents to people. It would be fair for everyone to get presents.

— Teddy Stolp

I would wish that I would be Supergirl. I could help save the world. I would be able to help people if they got hurt. If someone got hurt, I would take care of them. I could help the world by helping people and by saving people's lives.

— Ariana Walker

Shannon DeSmith's class

What would Santa and Mrs. Claus do to help pull Santa's sleigh for Christmas? They would make him warm milk and cookies. Next, I would give him a cold washcloth for his forehead and then I would take his temperature. The great thing about it is, that he would get better in one day-even if he was very, very sick!

— Claire Gilles

What I would do to help Rudolph feel well is, I would feed him. I would give him medicine before he goes to bed. I would make sure he goes to bed and cover him up with a blanket. I would give him lots of presents. Rudolph feels better now.

— Morgan Matheson

First, the reason Rudolph got a cold is because people are starting to care less about Christmas. Rudolph really doesn't like that.

The way he can get better is being happy and believing in Santa. If you do believe in Santa, Rudolph will get better in sixteen seconds. He will feel better than ever if you write him a letter. Every year, the better he feels, the brighter his nose gets! Rudolph can always will count on you!! So everyone keep believing in Santa! Merry Christmas!

— Chloe Egan

Rudolph is sick. Now Santa can't deliver his presents. How will Santa pull his sleigh?

If I were Santa, I would send about 37% of my elves to find another reindeer and with that, I would save Christmas. But let's say that my elves COULDN'T find a reindeer? Well, then ... I would just use only 8 reindeer!

— Rhett Theisen

If Rudolph was sick and I was there, I would give him medicine. I would wish he is OK. Santa would help him, too. The medicine will be done in 3 more days. I hope that you get better! I bet Santa will help you try to fly for Christmas.

— Paige Zepczyk

I think Mrs. Claus should make a very magical soup for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. She should also use a bunch of stuff like a warm fire, a very cozy blanket, reindeer boots with a pom pom and a cozy chair to keep him cozy and warm so he doesn't get worse. The soup is a secret recipe that only Mrs. Claus knows. Get well, Rudolph!

— Ava Kleist

If Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer just got a cold and it was 3 days before Christmas Day, the elves could make the medicine to help the cold. I would help him get more rest. Santa could make a special jacket for him. He could make more jackets for the other reindeer so they don't get his cold!

— Carson Flanigan

Rudolph got a cold! In a couple of days, it will be Christmas. Rudolph got sick from eating too much peppermint candy. Rudolph needs to eat glowing chicken noodle soup and reindeer pills. It takes 3 weeks to get better so 100 more reindeer had to join the sleigh to replace Rudolph. What a crazy night that was!

— Logan Huppert

If Rudolph got a cold, I would make a magic potion that only Santa and I would know how to make. It would taste like soup. It tastes really good and that is how I would do it. It would make Rudolph feel a lot better.

— Anthony McPherson

If Santa landed on a different planet, I think he should not give them away. He should try to sneak and find his way to Earth and give them away there. I think all of the children on Earth would be very sad to not have presents. But anyone on the other planet might feel sad, too. It would probably be more important to share them. The kids on Earth might feel sad because their wish lists aren't being used. I would get sad if I didn't get any presents and I know there are kids that don't get presents here on Earth.

— Avery Singel

If aliens took Mr. and Mrs. Santa, I would go to NASA and get a rocket to take them back. Then to hide them, I would build a high tech base underground that would be able to sense aliens and laser them to the ground. Oh, and the high tech base would have a machine to make the presents really fast so the elves could take a vacation.

— Carter Serene

Santa should go back to Earth instead of going to another planet so we can get presents. But he should leave some presents so they won't be sad. That way people won't think that something happened to Santa, if he didn't bring presents to the children on Earth. Don't you think so?

— Lily Ringdahl

If I had one wish for the holidays, I would wish for the kids who can't afford presents to get presents. I think all kids deserve presents.

— Brady Nelson

If I got one wish for the holidays and I had to use it to help someone, I would give money to my parents and my friends' parents to help them have a good life and have a healthy life. The second thing is I would help give money to the nursing home to help the people there. Some of them have memory issues and that is sad to me. It would make me feel very thankful, helpful and happy inside.

— Morgan Kivel

If I got one wish for the holidays and I had to use it to help someone, I would help the poor. I will sell candy and my toys to get money for the poor people. This way they can raise their families and have food for their children. They would also give them soup if they are sick. I will give them books to keep them entertained. This way the parents can go to work and the kids can go to school.

— Payten Pearson

I would wish for a math answer book to help my friend with his math. He lives here in River Falls but doesn't go to school here. I would also have a math book for him and I can help him with his math because he is having trouble. I will also have a math book for myself, too, to show him how to do the problems. I would want him to have an ipad to help him learn it better. He will know his math problems now.

—Noah Sagan

I would help the poor. I would save my money to give to poor people in town and everywhere. I would sell the things that I didn't want, like my old toys. Then the poor would get their food to eat and not go starving every night. I would help the army by giving my candy away and I wish I could buy a huge cake. I hope you will help the poor people on earth. There are a lot of poor people so I hope you help so they won't be sad and hungry. I hope that they get entertained and I hope that they are OK.

— Wyatt Hall

If I would get one wish to help someone, I would help raise money for people to have that have been hurt in the army or people that got surgery or others that get hurt. Some people can get well and not feel so bad but some people suffer from memory loss. I wish that people who have memory loss can get medicine so they can get well and they don't have memory loss anymore.

— Kaitlin DuFrene

If I had one wish to help, I would wish for Jeeps for everybody. The reason I would wish that is people don't have enough money to buy a car. My wish would be to give them a car!

— Alex Bremer

If aliens attacked the North Pole and they captured Mrs. Claus and Santa, I would hop on their ship. I would tie the aliens up with licorice. I would search their ship. When I found Santa and Mrs. Claus, I would steer their ship to the elves' base and Christmas would be saved!

— Riley Andrist

I would wish for the holidays that kids who are in the hospital get better medicine and a cure. I would wish for a Christmas tree to have in the hospital. I would give money to charity. I would get them the really special thing that they wanted.

— James Gonsior

If I would save Santa and Mrs. Claus, I would go to the North Pole. I would ask an elf, "This is an emergency, I need to save Santa!" Then, I would ask for Santa's sleigh and reindeer. Then, when I go to outer space, if I pushed the button on his sleigh, it would put a shield around it. When I get there, I secretly get Santa and Mrs. Claus. Then I give Santa and Mrs. Claus to the S.S.B. (Secret Santa Base). Christmas is safe forever!

— Josh Jenkins

If Santa and Mrs. Claus were captured and on a different planet, the elves will get on his sleigh and go help him.

They may send the spy elves that sneak in. Santa is tied up but the elves send dogs to bite the rope. Mr. and Mrs. Santa got free and were able to deliver presents.

— Zach Kloos