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True Story about Scott Walker

Eight months ago, I had a flight with Scott Walker from Washington, DC, to Madison. He had been in Washington for the National Governors Association 2018 Winter Meeting.

This is a true story about Scott Walker, and here is what I can tell you.

A mother and her two sons - about 8-10 years old - spoke with Scott Walker as we waited at the gate. Later they stood near me in line to board. The mother said she had asked Scott Walker what he and his colleagues in the GOP are doing to protect us from mass shootings (this was two weeks after the Parkland High School mass shooting).

I can tell you Scott Walker told the mother and her young sons that mass shootings are a problem, and that he and fellow GOP governors had discussed them at the recent governors meeting. But thats not telling enough.

I can tell you Scott Walker and his wife, Tonette, did not sit in first class. The half dozen people traveling with them, however, did. But thats not telling enough.

I can tell you Scott Walker and his wife sat toward the back of the main cabin, not far from my own coach seat. I watched Scott Walker as the plane filled with passengers on their way to Wisconsin - most of us, presumably, his constituents. Scott Walker didnt look at one of us.

Scott Walker lowered his shoulders and held his head down like a guilty child. He couldnt make eye contact with his constituents. He couldnt even face us.

This is a true story about Scott Walker.

If thats not telling enough about Scott Walker, I dont know what is.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.