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Bridging the Divide

Had you asked five years ago, I never would have imagined being a state representative or consider running for public office. Why? Turn on the television and youre bombarded with negative political ads that are less political and often more personal. Open Facebook or Twitter; read the comments and never-ending threads. Its not easy reading comments attacking your character and sometimes even family members.

Despite the challenges, I could not be more honored that our friends and neighbors have chosen me to represent the 30th Assembly District in our state government. Public service is a privilege, one that I take seriously. It is important that while I serve, I make a positive difference. I want to do all I can to make our community stronger and continue to be a great place to work and play.

Ive spent greater than twenty years building business in the greatest state in the country. For my wife Angel and I, we both come from absolutely nothing. I say this because it establishes the unique perspective that I have developed over time and balances where our life journey has taken us.

A local bank took a chance on us and from our River Falls living room in the 1990s we built a company that now spans the globe with hundreds of employees worldwide, architected all from western Wisconsin. Much of what I know and understand is business. A place where common sense is king. Heart, dedication and tenacity are rewarded with success.

Im a family man and a business man; not a politician. I do not bring political savvy to Madison. Madison has enough of that. What I have to offer is business sense, Wisconsin sense and hopefully a bit of common sense. A backbone to stand up and say, "if it is good, it is good. If its not, its not", regardless of which side of the isle raised the topic. I didnt need a job, I have a good one back here. I want to be the change I want to see in the world.

Wisconsin has a bright future. Through a variety of government reforms, we have record-low unemployment, wages are going up, and according to the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, our rainy-day fund is the largest in state history. Certainly, we still face challenges.

While I am a Republican, I understand that good ideas come from both sides of the aisle. Working together we can face these challenges head-on. Bridging the divide will not be easy. But we have a golden opportunity to capitalize on recent success and build a future that we can be proud of; one that is better for our children, grandchildren, and future generations. Wisconsin leads this nation in so many ways, lets once again set the example for how progress is made.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Ill meet you there.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.