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Rob Stafsholt-Anti-Hunting Pro-Poaching.

Any hunter knows that habitat is critical to hunting. If animals don't have a home, there are no critters to hunt and no place to hunt. Unfortunately, Rob Stafsholt has been very busy in Madison destroying habitat. AB 547 the "Wetland Destruction Bill" became law after Stafsholt voted for the bill despite the fact that the bill was opposed by every conservation and environmental group in the state. He sold out hunters to the special interests. Anyone who votes against conservation and habitat is anti-hunting. Actions speak louder than words. And just to prove that he is not only anti-hunting but pro-poaching, Rep Stafsholt also authored a bill to let two-year-old toddlers and babies carry a gun in the woods and hunt. Yes, we all know how well two-year-olds listen and Rep Stafsholt wants them to carry their own gun in the woods and shoot critters. Even if 99 out 100 parents realize a two-year-old with a gun is a problem, one parent with bad judgment could get someone killed. Folks who like to poach can now use their kids license to pursue their illegal activities. Before the poachers had to use their spouses licenses. Now they can double up on their poaching with their kids licenses thanks to Rep Stafsholt. Fortunately, we have a true conservationist and ethical hunter running for the 29th. Vote for John Rocco Calabrese.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.