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The Quiet Revolution of 2018

This short letter is to introduce my Independent, Direct Participatory Democracy (DPD) platform and myself as a candidate for Wisconsins 7th District Representative in US Congress. Other than this letter, my web site, a few appearances, information on some voting advocacy web sites, and my Ken Driessen for Congress WI 7thyoutube channel; my campaign is, well, quiet.

Quieted because Im running a Zero Money in Elections Campaign. If you want to vote for democrats or republicans, bought and paid for by corporate cash and lobbyists, casting votes in their favor, it isnt me youre looking for. No yard signs no robocalls just quiet revolution. It is time for each one of us to represent ourselves with a right to vote on legislation. DPD can help us find middle ground, heal the wounds of a divided nation. Please vote November 6th.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.