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Letter: There many ways to learn valuable lessons

There's always stories from the students that surface throughout the year about volunteer readers.

One recent story involved a third-grade young man who has read with volunteer reader Gordon Hedahl this past year.

One day the student and I were reading about parks. He deviated from the story to tell me this (I'll paraphrase):

Student: You know that guy who reads with me?

Mrs. Wespetal: You mean Mr. Hedahl?

Student: Yah, him. Well, you know, that park downtown with the funny tree ... the one with all the colors, by the movie theater.

Mrs. Wespetal:- You mean Veterans Park?

Student: Well, I was down there, and I saw Mr. Hedahl's name on one of those bricks. What does that mean?

This provided the perfect opportunity to talk about another aspect of being a citizen of River Falls and why someone might care enough about the community to contribute money for this lovely park to honor veterans.

So sometimes we think the volunteer readers are here to just help a student with their reading.

In reality, the readers teach many life lessons!