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Who dunnit? Ellsworth murder mystery dinner asks you to figure it out

Promotional poster for the event. Submitted photo.

At Ellsworth High School, a Jan. 12 murder mystery dinner fundraiser for the school will have an appropriately nefarious plot — a killer class reunion.

At 7 p.m., the Ellsworth School Foundation is hosting a murder mystery dinner that will feature attendee participation, cash bribes and a play focused on a mysterious murder of a former alumni. Proceeds for the fundraiser are being used to help replace the drama department's outdated wireless microphones.

"All cast members are really looking forward to it," said Suki Mitchell, a member of the foundation who is helping direct it. "It's going to be really fun."

Tickets for the fundraiser, which include a chicken kiev dinner, cost $30 and can be bought at the high school office. They are only sold prior to the show, Mitchell said.

The foundation expects the play to run about an hour-and-a-half and will have the cast interacting with attendees. Each table of attendees will get to vote on who they think did it, and potentially win a gift certificate if they get it right.

For extra help, attendees can "bribe" the cast for hints throughout the play with cash or checks, Mitchell said. The 17-member cast includes teachers, a guidance counselor, a parent and numerous students who have acted in previous school drama department programs.

The murder mystery fundraiser is an experiment for the foundation, she said. It's a secondary event after the group's primary Tuscany fundraiser at Vino in the Valley.

"If it's successful we'll continue to do it," she said.

The group uses its funding to help pay for grant requests from teachers' pet projects and things like the theatre department's wireless microphones or student retreats, Mitchell said.

With more money brought in, the group hopes to better fund those and provide additional funding for the Schumaker Scholarship, a $20,000 four-year scholarship given to one student.