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RIVER FALLS SCHOOL DISTRICT: Emergency School Closing Procedures

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - 11:23pm

River Falls, Wisconsin 54022
The administration of the School District of River Falls wishes to remind parents of procedures it follows in the event River Falls area schools are forced to delay starting times, dismiss early, or cancel classes. If weather conditions or other circumstances develop which alter the normal school schedule, in addition to the activation of the Campus Messenger parent notification system, the following will be notified and requested to announce the delayed start or school closing:
Radio stations: WCCO (830 AM)
WDMO (95.7 FM)
WEVR (1550 AM & 106.3 FM)
WIXK (1590 AM & 107.1 FM)
KWNG (105.9 FM)
iHeart Media: 880AM; 1400AM; 92.1FM; 95.1FM; 98.1FM;
98.7FM; 100.7FM; 106.7FM

Television stations:WCCO (Channel 4)
KSTP (Channel 5, 45, and 42)
FOX (Channel 9, 25, 29 and 48)
KARE (Channel 11)
WEAU (Channel 13)

Parents may listen to one of these stations or check the websites on those mornings or any time they are in doubt about weather and road conditions. Parents should not contact these stations or the schools directly as this may limit the school district's ability to inform the media of its decisions relative to closing, delayed starts, early releases, and changes in athletic/extra-curricular event schedules.
If severe weather conditions develop during school hours and it becomes necessary to dismiss students for home before regular dismissal times, the Campus Messenger notification system will be activated and the radio and television stations will be notified and asked to announce the time of the early dismissal. In the event of school closing or early dismissal, all extra-curricular activities will also be canceled or postponed unless otherwise announced. RF4C sessions will be canceled, and the Kids Club Program will not operate when schools are closed due to inclement weather; in the event of early release, parents will be asked to pick up their children.
The announcement to delay or to close school includes the River Falls Public Schools, St. Bridget's Parochial School and Heartland Montessori School.
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