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Grumpy Old Men

“Grumpy Old Men” Jerry Carter and Mel Germanson are getting restless as they await the start of their annual food drive to benefit the River Falls Community Food Pantry. Standing between the Grumpy Old Men is their guardian angel and reliable sidekick, Karen Kielas.

These two beloved characters having been holding two-day, post-Thanksgiving Day food drives in downtown River Falls for more than 20 years.

This year, 2016, is no exception – Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 28 and 29, they're back at it.

Self-proclaimed Grumpy Old Men Jerry Carter and Mel Germanson, now in their mid-80s, will be stationed as usual at Veterans Park collecting for the local food pantry.

Sidekick Karen Kielas will be with them, providing a youthful, feminine touch.

If you can't bring food products, the three will take your cash. That, too, goes straight to the food pantry and is used to buy bulk, staple items at discounted prices.

The Grumpy Old Men lately have averaged more than $10,000 a year and seven-eight pickup loads of food and paper products collected for the food pantry.

The giving for this food drive always seems to be generous. Germanson invites people to just stop by for a visit, but adds: “We can talk anyone we see into giving.”