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Metro is marriage of health and fitness

Heidi and Mike Metro in their new studio in River Falls. The two opened their business Metro Health and Fitness in November. Rebecca Mariscal / Rivertown Multimedia

For many, health and fitness is all about balance, and Heidi and Mike Metro strive to bring that balance to their shared Metro Health and Fitness studio. Heidi is a massage therapist and bodyworker, and Mike is a fitness instructor and nutritional professional. Together they just about cover it all.

"We have a good balance where Mike wants the external world for people to be better and I want their internal to be better," Heidi said.

The couple first started working together three years ago at the Orange Door in Hudson. As River Falls residents for more than two years, they decided they wanted to be closer to home.

"We're finally in one town," Heidi said. "We've just fallen in love with River Falls as a city and a community."

The couple opened their doors in November, and so far Heidi said it has gone well. The move didn't cost a single client, even those from the Twin Cities.

"It's been a beautiful transition," she said.

Though they loved being in Hudson, they are happy to be providing their services in the place they call home. They're located within blocks of their home and their kids' school at the River Center at 215 Second St.

"Now it really is about serving where we have been served," Heidi said.

And they want to make sure that service is accessible.

"We try to eliminate as many barriers as possible," Heidi said. "You don't have to want to, you just have to show up."

To make that easier, Mike works both out of their studio and at clients' homes. He said he serves as a guide for people on their fitness journey, focusing on their individual needs and abilities.

"Not everyone wants to be a fitness model, most people want to be able to function every day," Mike said.

Heidi uses a variety of methods with her massage and bodywork, working to providing healing internally as well as externally.

"Helping people bring forward their best feeling," Heidi said.

Many often feel that taking care of themselves is selfish, Heidi said, and she and Mike work to show the benefits of doing so outweigh the detriments.

"The awesome part is when you see that light switch," Mike said.

As New Years approaches, and with it resolutions about health and fitness, Heidi and Mike are preparing for lasting changes.

"This isn't an ordinary fitness resolution that is stale by Feb. 1," Heidi said.

With new clients, the two work to examine what they want from the experience and how each of them can support the client's health and fitness.

"There's a real vulnerability in taking care of yourself and we create a safe space for people to come down," Heidi said.

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Rebecca Mariscal

Rebecca Mariscal joined the Hudson Star Observer as a reporter in 2016. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in communication and journalism. 

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