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Oracle octopus predicts the outcome of Germany-USA match

REUTERS -- Following in the footsteps of her predecessor Paul the Octopus, Regina is Germany's latest animal oracle to predict the outcome of World Cup matches. Her challenge this time? To pick who will be victorious in the Germany versus USA game. Both teams are in the so-called "Group of Death" with Ghana and Portugal, and the match will decide their fate. For the prediction, Regina must choose from food from either the German or U.S. goal post -- meaning a win for that team. But when the time came, she decided to not decide - which can only mean one thing, explains her keeper Martin Hansel. SOUNDBITE: Chief Aquarium Keeper At 'Sea Life', Martin Hansel, saying (German) "If nothing happens for nine minutes and Regina does not choose any of the goals it means there is a tie. Coincidentally, this is a self-evident result because if the score tomorrow is 2-2 ten minutes before the end of the game, nobody will run frantically towards the goal. So I think this is certainly realistic what she did." And Regina's prediction is actually welcome news for both countries as a tie would result in both teams advancing to the next round.