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Odd couple goes public at San Diego Zoo

REUTERS -- A cheetah cub and a Rhodesian ridgeback puppy are the latest attraction at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The unlikely playmates met after the cub's mother rejected him. And the zoo's animal manager, Susie Ekard, says in these cases, the young cheetah is paired with a domestic dog for companionship. SOUNDBITE: Susie Ekard, San Diego Zoo Safari Park animal manager, saying (English): "They still have supervised visits but they love playing with each other and they are having a great time so we decided it was now time to add in the public seeing this." Ekard says the domestic animal's body language helps the cheetah lose its fear of public surroundings and people. The feisty pair can be seen at the zoo every day between 12:15 and 1pm … as long as they remain friends.