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Work starts at Swinging Bridge

The Swinging Bridge in Glen Park is a local historic landmark.

A project to stabilize the foundations of Glen Park's suspension bridge has begun, according to City Engineer Reid Wronski.

The City Council approved the $117,000 project bid in July to St. Paul-based Engineering and Construction Innovators.

Wronski said the foundation upgrade for Swinging Bridge is needed because of normal wear-and-tear caused by erosion, moisture, freezing and thawing. The focus is on foundation supports on both slopes of the bridge.

A 2008 engineering study recommended that a system of rock bolts and Shotcrete be used to stabilize the bridge slopes.

Shotcrete involves spraying concrete at high velocity through hoses at a surface. Upon impact it undergoes placement and compaction due to the force of its projection from a nozzle.

"It's generally the kind of stuff they use at places like Disneyland to make simulated mountains and cliffs," Wronski said.

City officials say there will be "some limited closures" during the bridge work but that every effort will be made to keep it open for public use. The Glen Park access road may also close occasionally.

The Swinging Bridge project should be finished by the end of September. The repaired foundation is expected to last for decades.

Swinging Bridge was refurbished 25 years ago. At the time, however, no work was done to the existing foundations. Overall, Wronski said the suspension bridge is holding up well.

"(It) is generally in good shape, although there are always maintenance needs for such a structure," he said. "Some of the metal railing panels are showing wear that will be addressed in coming years."