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Famous Italian sausage stolen, returned

Guido is back. The seven-foot costume of the famous Italian racing sausage, one of seven sausage characters that race during Brewers' games, was stolen from a festival in Cedarburg 12 days ago.

Around 8 p.m. Feb. 28, two men plopped the costume onto a bar at TJ Ryan's in Cedarburg. They then fled quickly, and bartender Jen Mahony called police.

When they're not racing, the characters make numerous public appearances. Guido's costume is owned by the Klement's sausage company and is $3,000. Several food companies offered rewards for the return of Guido. Ryan Downs of GLK Foods in Appleton called the Racine Sausages a "statewide treasure."

A woman told "USA Today" that following the suburban festival from which the sausage was stolen, her group went to a bar then a music house where the seven-foot-tall sausage danced the Harlem Shake.

She called the affair "Weenie Gate" but gave no names. She sent a video and photos of the escapade to the newspaper's web site, along with an apology note filled with sausage-innuendos like quote, "You probably think I'm the wurst..."

Her note said they returned the costume because quote, "We have morals." Cedarburg Police have refused to say whether they'll keep investigating, or if they'll try to arrest the thieves. The owner of the sausage, Klement's, issued a statement welcoming Guido home.