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Bear attack leaves man injured in Superior; police kill injured animal

SUPERIOR -- A man was hospitalized Saturday, after tangling with a bear on the southern edge of Superior.

At 8 p.m., Superior Police were called to a property on East Old No. 105 Road, after receiving a report of a mauling. The identity of the injured party has not yet been released.

The man was with a female hunting partner who had set up over some bait, in pursuit of deer.

A bear apparently wandered onto the scene, and the man attempted to chase it off, according to Sgt. Adam Poskozim. The bear turned on the man and began to maul him. The man wounded the bear with a knife, and his hunting partner shot the animal with an arrow.

But the wounded animal was still alive when police arrived on the scene.

The man was treated by emergency medical technicians on the scene for wounds to his right thigh and wrist, according to a report from the Superior Fire Department. He was stabilized then transported by Gold Cross ambulance to Essentia St. Mary's Medical Center in Duluth.

The man sustained puncture wounds that Poskozim said appeared consistent with bite injuries.

Responding officers were concerned that the wounded animal posed a danger to others and spent nearly an hour searching down the bear, which was then dispatched with a gun.

Poskozim estimated the bear, which was a sow, weighed somewhere between 150 and 200 pounds.

The case has been referred the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for further investigation, according to Poskozim.