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Letter: These guys are winners!

On the weekend of May 11-12, River Falls hosted its annual baseball tournament.

As one of the umpires working this tournament I would like to give an "attaway" chant to the boy's U14 River Falls team, coaches, and fans. They showed a model of sportsmanship on the field and in the stands.

Working as an umpire with youth sports, we try our hardest to make the right calls and be in the correct positions. And yes, sometimes we do miss calls.

We are not perfect. And these few missed calls seem to bring out the ugly side of coaches, players and parents.

I once heard from a baseball coach that yelling at the umpire is part of the game. What role model do we show by yelling at an official about a call?

Finally, let me get back to the River Falls U14 boys baseball team -- the scoreboard they may have lost, but to me the scoreboard only reflects one aspect of the game. These boys showed great respect to the game.

And in my book are winners!

"Attaway" River Falls U14 baseball players. Have a great season!