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Letter: Without religion we go astray

I was reading Joe Eels' recent letter on religion leading us astray. I noticed that he was not referring to the religions of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, socialism or environmentalism, but was only referring to Christianity.

In 1978 I stood at the top of the Space Needle in East Berlin overlooking the Berlin Wall. Standing there I realized that wall was not built to keep me out but to keep East Germans in.

In the early 1980s I lived in a communist country. Christian church doors had been nailed shut five years before I arrived. In that time the rift between rich and poor continued to grow.

Communist countries and most Socialist countries operate in a two class system -- the ruling class and the working class.

The ruling class is wealthy and, most of the time, above the law. The working class makes a subsistent living and relies on the government to provide its needs.

What Mr. Eels describes is actually not about how Christianity is tearing apart our country, but exactly what I saw in visiting and living abroad.

Take biblical truths out of society and replace them with situational ethics and you give your leaders the right to do whatever they feel is best for society.

Remember, the German people elected Hitler and the Jews were exterminated for the good of the German race. Christian leaders who stood up to them were imprisoned or killed.

When you read the words of our Founding Fathers, it is very clear that they founded our country on biblical concepts that give us our freedoms.

We have incredible freedoms that most people of the world only dream about.

Are we losing our freedoms because of religion or because we want the government to be our main provider?