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LETTER: Thanks, Republicans, for more of your 'less government'

The new Wisconsin Voter Photo ID (or whatever it's called) did me no favors.

I went to vote at about eight o'clock this morning, driver's license in hand.

They looked in the book. My name wasn't there.

They checked to see if my address was now in a different district (especially since our district was the only one having something to vote on this time around). It wasn't.

The person who knew what to do if somebody wasn't in the book had left.

They had to fill out a whole new registration, which I then had to sign. I never had any problem when we didn't need photo ID.

I was always in the book. I was in the book last time, when they made us take that paper if we didn't show a photo ID (which we didn't have to then).

The political party who made all this photo ID necessary supposedly is for less government and fewer regulations.

Not true, from where I stand.