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Letter: Tree removal plan challenged

Don't cut down my tree!

Few Kinnickinnic residents seem to have been informed of the Town Board's plan to remove eight 86-year-old heritage trees on River Drive between Liberty Road and County Road J.

It is a plan ill-advised, contrary to the will of the residents and does not, I believe, reduce the risk of vehicular accidents, which is the board's focus.

There is no record of accidents involving these trees. I invite readers to examine them, especially mine at 1162 River Drive. It is a few feet closer to the center of the road than are the exempt trees.

Many of the questions in my May 15 letter to Town Board Chair Roger VanBeek were not fully answered: The awarding of the contract; the inadequate number of bids (calls were made to only two contractors); the absence of open bidding; and the details of the contract.

More threatening than any of the present trees is the stump remaining from the removal of one last year from which a huge mesh of tentacles obstructs vision. Why have not contracts required the removal of stumps?

I now ask the Town Board: Is it true it has cancelled its contract for the removal of the heritage trees? Is the plan to seek new bids in July?

Does the board have an undisclosed plan to widen River Drive? If so, why? Can the town afford it? How will it be paid for?

Wake up citizens! Find out what is going on before it's too late, when contracts have been let and plans finalized.