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FEATURED LETTER: Support our paper!


Visited Broken Arrow, Oklahoma last week.

When I opened the just-delivered weekly newspaper, the Broken Arrow Ledger, the headlines read, “Final Edition: Ledger to Close.”

The subheading read, “Last issue published today.” Feb. 22, 2017.

Realizing I was reading my very first and last edition of this hometown newspaper, I was overcome with sadness even though I knew little about the community.

Handling it with special care, as though consecrated, I tried to imagine River Falls without the River Falls Journal.

The Ledger was one of several community newspapers, operating at a loss, bought by Tulsa World Media in 2015. Unable to turn it around, the Ledger was discontinued.

Quoting Bill Masterson of Tulsa World Media, “Community newspapers are the soul of small towns. They are the ones who cover the sporting events and the bake sales, they take the picture that is cut out and put on your refrigerator, they are the ones who cover your city council meeting and let you know how your tax dollars are really being spent.

“In this era of…fake news…the local paper is now more important than ever. …community newspapers employ your neighbor who works lousy hours to make sure your child’s name was correctly spelled and attached to the right photo.”

Masterson continues, “It’s too late for the Ledger but I want to encourage you to read a newspaper…ANY newspaper…to stay informed and engaged with your community.”

We are fortunate to have the River Falls Journal. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to share my anguish about another community losing another newspaper.

Some River Falls’ residents discontinued the Journal for political reasons when Gov. Scott Walker was elected.

Gift a subscription to these individuals or to anyone. Businesses, buy a subscription for your lobby.

Never forget, every subscription maintains viability

Roseanne Olsen

River Falls